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  1. That's the level of ambition right there. Clarkes tears would be almost as good as Lennys when they don't win the league next season. At least he wouldn't have to try too hard to squeeze sellik players into his team.
  2. From candlelit vigils, to sharks, we are all Neyul Lennin, to this. The banter years batton has definitely been handed over to them.
  3. Seeing Scott Brown looking like a lost pensioner in a hotel foyer for the Ross County goal last night was a thing of immense beauty.
  4. If you think this is bad you should try Just Us Tims Podcast. I see where you're coming from but we've had 10 years of pain and sometimes it's nice to enjoy a wee bit of Karma. I don't really care what folk Nuremberg Hugh et al think about Rangers For more positive news on Rangers the web is awash with good podcasts.
  5. Nineteen Shixty Sheven Cnut thinks he's Sean Connery
  6. Eddie Howe They were never getting him
  7. A couple of likely candidates for secure supervision so far. I've got a good feeling about this.
  8. This is glorious. Great back ground noise while I search for a new avatar
  9. Does anyone else get the irony of Radox ads on Clyde SSB?
  10. Was that their bench or their transfer list?
  11. For a split second I thought that is exactly what he was going to say
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