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  1. Does Peter Lawell write their statements too? Sounds like them all over
  2. They have no manager, no director of football and no chairman, no 10, no hope and no class and the new season starts in July when they will likely have no players. Their club is a mess financially, the team are honking and season ticket uptake likely to be a lot less this season now that the 10 is off the cards with their club deeply mired in the denial of the sexual abuse of children scandal. But.......... Sevcooo! Team buses!! Covid titles (yes ironic I know) skag skanks on podcasts, sharks, barriers, new club, first trophy, cancel the league, the pish is endless. 3 days we have been Champions and all their focus is still on us and not a lot of signs of that changing. We consume them, live rent free in their heads and stop them sleeping soundly at night while their own club slips further and further back, and while Pete packs his stapelers and tippex away in an old rattley tin marked McVities, found in the basement of The Stade du Giro. Keep it up bouys, this is glorious.
  3. We knew what the effects of winning 55 would be but their pain, outrage, tears and hurt is far greater than I ever imagined it would be, which is nice.
  4. The proven liars, cheats, thieves and general dishonest individuals who call themselves Scottish Government want to dictate the rights and wrongs to everybody else? Nah they can fuck right off. I'll take no lessons, to use her own phrase
  5. Love this I'm still looking for a new avatar
  6. That's the level of ambition right there. Clarkes tears would be almost as good as Lennys when they don't win the league next season. At least he wouldn't have to try too hard to squeeze sellik players into his team.
  7. From candlelit vigils, to sharks, we are all Neyul Lennin, to this. The banter years batton has definitely been handed over to them.
  8. Seeing Scott Brown looking like a lost pensioner in a hotel foyer for the Ross County goal last night was a thing of immense beauty.
  9. If you think this is bad you should try Just Us Tims Podcast. I see where you're coming from but we've had 10 years of pain and sometimes it's nice to enjoy a wee bit of Karma. I don't really care what folk Nuremberg Hugh et al think about Rangers For more positive news on Rangers the web is awash with good podcasts.
  10. Nineteen Shixty Sheven Cnut thinks he's Sean Connery
  11. Eddie Howe They were never getting him
  12. A couple of likely candidates for secure supervision so far. I've got a good feeling about this.
  13. This is glorious. Great back ground noise while I search for a new avatar
  14. Does anyone else get the irony of Radox ads on Clyde SSB?
  15. Was that their bench or their transfer list?
  16. For a split second I thought that is exactly what he was going to say
  17. It's almost as if this meltdown couldn't get any better. If they get beat tonight it might just.
  18. Not a single mention of the snipers on the roof. I'm disappointed.
  19. Keep your powder dry bears. Keep a lid on it. It's not done yet but lets just enjoy the moment for it is well overdue Pump them in January and I'll relax a bit more then
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