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  1. If I hadn't been able to see the game and was just listening to that pish on way home from my work in an underground bunker I would be thinking we got absolutely fucked. Even seeing the score, the way they are talking its like Brechin beating man u in a euro qaulifier. mentals
  2. Unsettled back line. Dont think we have played the same 2 games in a row since last season. Success comes from the back. Clean sheets. Keeper in and out. A different pairing with goldson every other game and borna / calvin swapping. I dont know what the right line up is but friendlies was the time to fuck around with it. Not now it's competitive.
  3. I had that same thought when they went 2 up yesterday, didn't see the rest o the game though. I know they scored more but was that them playing well or Wales leaving the back door open?
  4. BTW, Belgium ain't winning fuck all.
  5. Is it just me that sees this tournament like a pre season fuck about. I tried to get into it I really did. Italy were my pick at the start. Watched them last night. Shite until the 91st minute. Portugal v Belgium, wowee game allegedly. Was loving Portugals efforts but there just seems like there's something lacking. Maybe the lack of fans, fuck knows
  6. I lasted 30 mins listening to them the day. Tbh was class but then they started their pish. So I turned it off. Its that easy. No need to be annoyed. Especially the day
  7. Just checked. Then double checked, the thread title. Bring on they junkie, horrible, mutant, bottom feeding, twisted, disgusting, vile, inbred, plastic oirish, unwashed parish fucks next weekend. Lets send the final nail into this lovely coffin they've earned. Despise they wants.
  8. I think goldson being pulled in 2 directions because big fil is a panic on his other side. This game so far says would suggest big Leon, even better big katic but we can't have that, be better at ch. Hope gerrard shifts helander for wee paterson and let's balogun go to ch. Goldson can concentrate on his job then. Imo
  9. Kamara, must admit I would take him off as well but can also see why we leave him on.
  10. I'd take of helander for Nathan and put balogun beside godson. I'm biased as I dont see the thing wi helander at all he seems to take an age to do everything
  11. Any links available for this. No for me, but normally when I get asked I just check here and get one
  12. I got 13/5 Rangers win and over 1.5 goals. Thats the gambling done. Breakfast next. Fuck this game being "meaningless" . My arse! Hope we batter these cunts the day. Fuck them
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