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  1. I'm always quick to slate print journalism. so equally, that deserves high praise. Great article
  2. That wanker "big" ajer gets right on my tits. Never seen a taller mouse in all my days. Every time we play that scummy cunts I hope for some one to half the cunt. He greets like he's been crippled every time there's a bastarc throw in. The cunt
  3. That was glorious. Unlike mycarry out which has taken a tanking today.
  4. At times in that first half I thought our lads had had a cracking new year party
  5. Always thought it would be big Leon the day. His pace to deal wi that pair o cheating tramps
  6. Ended up staying up til 5. Thanks youtube. Went to bed and back up at 955. Thought about dry january for about 10 seconds. Supplies in, tunes on. Cannot fucking wait for this today. Come on Rangers, let's smash these cunts back to the fucking stone age.
  7. Fuck this waiting. Watching utter pish on TV just to stay up. Hoping ill lie in . But know I won't. Crazy when you think it really is just 3 points. Although they.taste all the sweeter if we rip them.from their little begging mits. I think 3 1 to us the morn. Horrible first half but in the second we go on and do our job. Hope all us bears enjoy the game and the rest o 2021. Hope they hate both
  8. Either looking at him as front man leading the line, all action man scoring goals Or Mr dropping deep, dragging defenders out of position and generally being a handful and creating space for his team mates Doesn't matter today. He had a pish game. Didn't fulfil either role successfully, it didn't cost us points. Hopefully pissed him off as much as it looks like it did. If he starts firing goals again we are laughing. If he keeps playing this deeper more subtle role and we keep winning, also great. As long as days like today where neither s
  9. No science whatsoever in my opinion here but I believe the groundsman (and I just don't mean ours) could do a better job when he was just dealing wi turf. I may well be completely wrong tho
  10. I mind back in the day, late 90s or early 2000s, our groundstaff were so revered in the trade that lads studying greenkeeping were taken to ibrox for tours and talks on how they were doing it. Do we play more games nowadays? Or does the pitch see more traffic in general?
  11. And for what its worth i dont think Itten is the same type or style of striker. So its not comparing apples wi apples for me
  12. I dont subscribe to him being pish recently but I will say that he can do more. I dont doubt that he's contributing to the team, moving defenders etc, but I still see lots of occasions in most games he could have done better. And often, in a similar situation in the past, we've all seen him do better in the past. Cracking player and I'm so glad he's still in our shirt. We all know he's gonna leave at some point. I just hope when he does, he's got medals in his pocket, which i think means we get paid accordingly, and I think he can ensure that by bucking up a bit overall. And maybe getti
  13. Hes a class act. Aye he makes mistakes, any player does. But by christ the lad has great close control and can see a pass. Always happy to see him starting
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