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  1. Transfer window closed. Equals alfie being back. Maybe I'm a sentimental bugger but I keep thinking that because he comes from a poverty stricken country, perhaps the potential up surge in earnings is something that genuinely weighs on the lad. Let's not forget that when he got free time last Christmas, I think it was, he spent some of his off time dishing out presents to homeless kids and families. Its only when I sit and think of what he may have seen during these off times, I feel like a dick for saying often hes lazy or can't be fucked. It seems like he wants to mak
  2. I'll take that. Grab the 3 points. Move on. Bring on Sunday. Thats what this season is about. Do your job. Walk away. Rest. And go again.
  3. So how many subs are allowed in the europa? I thought it was just the 3
  4. Up the tempo second half and I think we'll be ok. Dont see this lech in ascendancy thats being talked up. Thought we controlled the ball, slowly, and did fuck all in final 3rd. Bit more urgency, more attempts (would love someone to throttle it from outside the box) and I think we'll be ok. And wtf is stubbs on about wi the keeper? Fucker must still be off his tits from watching his mob capitulate earlier the night
  5. Just like the weekend I'm noticing a very clear reluctance to push any responsibility towards "big duffy". He's a blameless hero, just like their horrendous leader 😄 🤣 😂
  6. the big thing i keep hearing is that we collapsed after the 29th game when we beat them. i think that the thing thats different this time isnt us. its them. after the 29th game when we beat them they had the winter break, no immediate difficult games to increase the pressure on them. this time they have AC on Thursday and i dont give a shit what any of their fans, pundits or ex players say about not caring about the game. if their players go out and get a doing on Thursday thats a big deal. when is the last time they were beat 2 games on the bounce? Lennon isnt known for his handli
  7. No bastard way. All been in the queue to boot us They voted for the way things are setup Let them all rot in their own pish Who helped us in our troubled period? Who backed us when we questioned the corruption and incompetence at the spfl? As someone said above, they have assets. So desperate for cash, start the fucking fire sale. Fucking financially help other clubs? My arse
  8. Cheers for the heads up
  9. Seems to be lots of complaints about the spurs game too. Cant always be someone else's fault
  10. We never had bother wi that. But they are sighthounds so they like a chase, if something wee n fluffy runs away from them. They're soft as shite tho. So if you introduced wee dog on a lead to start would prob be OK. My wee staffy used to play wi a greyhound we'd see when we were out walking. The two o them just charged about together.
  11. Used to have greyhounds when I lived at home. Great dogs and if I had a bigger house we would have one. However hands and house full wi my wee staffy for now. What you wanting to know?
  12. Should I be apologising? Maybe But I'm not Yet 😂
  13. Working all the time But have to go in to the office tomorrow. 🍺 Booze never tastes as good
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