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  1. I’m sure it’s 18. His season ticket, if he has one, would probs do as ID - it won’t be an adult one, will it?
  2. I actually think they will be quiet during the minutes silence, but will be singing about Neil Simpson within about 30 seconds of the end of it.
  3. I hope he plays, is shite as usual and is ignored by all the fans. This is the game he’s been looking forward to and he’ll want to be booed all night. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.
  4. What should obviously have been posted for that match.
  5. If the guy apologies, fair enough. I very much doubt he actually wished death on anyone. He wouldn’t be the first person to be a dick on social media. However, if he was associated with St Mirren in an official capacity, at the time of the tweets, then there should be an SFA investigation and disciplinary process implemented. If not, then the SFA need to look at why their ‘fit and proper person’ test missed this, and revisit it for him.
  6. They took the idea from UK gov then when they wrapped it, the SNP didn't have a clue how to run with it. And they weren't brave enough to see it isn't workable with large crowds.
  7. We’ve applied for them all except Dundee - I’ve got 2 so far in gold, and the boys nothing in silver.
  8. Emails out. £319 plus ticket for Day Trip. Closing date for registration Tuesday 26th.
  9. Don’t be too hasty. We play Aberdeen at the end of December as well.
  10. Should have moved on at least one of Tav, Goldson, Barisic, Kamara, Kent, Hagi or Morelos. While I didn’t want any of them to leave we should have (hindsight, obv) done so. That would have let us potentially improve the 1st 11. The team/squad has gone stale - management, board and team have rested on their laurels.
  11. Imagine celebrating a goal 😂😂😂
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