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  1. 20 seconds of disbelief before I had to switch that off.
  2. Yeah, because we already have him, and haven’t exactly had lots of fully fit back up for his position. I must admit I’m struggling to understand why a few folk are so determined not to see what’s clear as day.
  3. Not really that relevant to him being over-weight.
  4. He clearly has been. The guy is over-weight. A simple, quick look at him confirms that.
  5. I thought he was done, but he’s been excellent this season.
  6. He’s done nothing to warrant a start against them, or anyone else.
  7. left winger


    If we were offered our current position before the season started, we’d all have taken it. However, now we need to see if Gerrard can take it forward here with a winning run that extends past the usual few matches. I think he can, but, tbh, I’m still not 100% certain.
  8. left winger


    The benefits of a settled back four can’t be over-emphasised.
  9. He spent about 10 minutes at the end of the first half behaving like a wean. Apart from that he didn’t do much else. A generally poor performance, but a long flight will surely have left him a bit tired. Although, it’s about time he lost his excess weight. I’m sure some players come back from the close season with a few pounds extra, but he’s still carrying them, and that’s also got to be down to the management - not just him.
  10. Probably not, but our best central defender, and is clearly having a positive influence on Goldson.
  11. Superb performance. I’d give motm to Goldson - a double for a defender against them shades it - but that performance makes him the first midfielder on the team sheet.
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