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  1. So far as domestic football is concerned, not really. We’ve got strength right through the team and a good bench. But we’re bound to lose a couple of players in the summer and if we want to progress in Europe, we’ll need a higher level of signings.
  2. What are my comments on Prince Philip? Could you find them, then quote them for me?
  3. Dunno if he was at the wind up or what, but you can take that up with him. And if you didn't have unedited posts like the one I just quoted you would have a point.
  4. This'll do for me. If you can't cope with people with different opinions maybe the Internet isn't for you?
  5. Looks like you've already been called out on that pile of shite 🤷‍♂️
  6. I’d take that money too, but hope he stays. Having said that he’s making Balogun look like a full back today.
  7. Only other game at 12 next Sunday is Rotherham v Birmingham. That seems to be the most logical time.
  8. But disappointed there, tbh 😔 edit: is it relevant that the video is 3.16? There’s not some god nonsense going on as well, is there?
  9. It’s rude to answer a question, with a question.
  10. Does that mean a pure babe or one of those guys in their tight pants? I feel this is a trick.
  11. I'm not angry about it. I just don't think it has any place in our trophy room. I suppose by replying to everyone that quoted me it might look that way. But it's would be rude not to reply.
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