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  1. Really impressed by him today. Think he's got a bright future.
  2. People are booing because footballers taking the knee for the last few months hasn't eradicated racism? Really? You really think that's why some fans booed today? Tbf, one of the potential reasons I suggested for booing is that those people are fucking thick - your theory does appear to offer some credence to that possibility.
  3. It's dead fucking easy to do. The players say it's an anti-racism protest. End of. But you're trying to tell them how they should protest against racism? Fucking really?
  4. I genuinely find it hard to believe that anyone booing today believes that the players are doing anything other than protesting against racism - racism many of them have faced. No one can surely believe that the taking of the knee by these, and every other footballer who does it, is in support of some Marxist ideology. These players have said why they are taking the knee. I can only think of two reasons for booing the taking of the knee - one is that those booing are just fucking thick. The other is that they're racist.
  5. I've got that as well br3 on Saturday and cd2 on Sunday, but same turnstiles 😂 Just wait till next Saturday and the whole crowd has to go to the one turnstile. Edit - just got another email with the correct (haven't checked yet) turnstiles for Sunday.
  6. We've got 4.40 - 5 for both games. Think we'll get there for just after 5 saturday and then just after half 5 on Sunday. I somehow doubt the qr code will stop working at 5.01.
  7. Bit harsh. Always at least a couple of washes before a castore product is ready for the bin.
  8. Don’t like it, but I suppose it might look better in the flesh.
  9. Just logged in and got tickets for Real Madrid. As soon as I got them, I got the confirmation email, then another email saying I’d been successful in the ballot ( same email as the Brighton one). Email said £10 for kids, but only got charged £5 for them 🤷
  10. No chance. The club will have been told: ‘ you’ve got two games and over 20,000 in trial and they’ve got less than 20,000’. Then we’ll say: ‘okay’.
  11. I just put in that I wanted 3 tickets - they all came up in my name, but clicked the tab and I could select my son’s names for the other tickets.
  12. Someone put our badge on a Dundee strip?
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