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  1. sorry but the lack of desire from Spfl teams to attack us kind of hides the fact that our defenders are really average, eufa games show them up
  2. John Brown...win the league on crutches NS
  3. think it will be close tomorrow ...they are keeping out of the media this week, let's not get cocky...
  4. as a boy, my first games were Euro nights with the old floodlights. Will never get those memories out of my head, still give me the shivers
  5. would have loved to see Brown try his pish with big Colin Stein, he left his mark when he got his reds...
  6. my MOTM ...just shaded Alf and Coulibally who I thought put in a great shift
  7. can we add him to the squad for the Europa game this week?
  8. correct brother, but despite a fair amount of taigs, Dalry stands true and stauch as ever QS
  9. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/galleries/gallery-team-photo/ nice shorts...when can we buy them??
  10. Morelos looks enthusiastic....
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