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  1. SDM was an Ayr Utd fan when he bought us so......
  2. Davis??? passenger 2nd half...AGAIN
  3. was at away game in cologne, big girvan lighthouse had his best ever game....
  4. DP was desperate for us to sign him in the 70's along with Smudger Smith when he came to us as they were buddies at Killie. We didny and I think to this day he is still pissed off aboot it...leave the proddy/taig shite out of it. End of.
  5. BD you are if nothing else consistent mate....hope you catch a couple Saor Alba...
  6. iyi aksamlar , nasilsiniz? forgive my basic turkish mate lol. i go there frequently for holidays and love the country and people. i hope that your fans who come enjoy glasgow and that you show our fans a great time in Bursaspor. i wish i could go but cant make it as i would love to go see rangers in turkey. biz insanlar !!!
  7. This popped into my head today, probably triggered by the Kiddyfiddler Show hitting Glasgow tomorrow, why can't we just substitute the word "Paedo" for "F*nian" in the songs?? Keeps things neat and tidy and sounds very similar and probably even more all encompassing in relation to they scum Simples....like to see how UEFA handle that one..
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