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  1. Of all I’ve heard and read that takes the absolute biscuit , any suggestion that any media organisation down south would tolerate that kind of victim blaming is ridiculous in my opinion but when it comes to Rangers and Morelos in particular it’s about par for the course .
  2. That’s what’s needed and it’s mostly what’s happened in Europe, fingers crossed we see some of that form.
  3. Great strike now time to step it up , make that extra man count and get a grip of that defence .
  4. As I understand it You can only be sentenced using the sentencing guidelines at the time of the offence . So even though you might get a lot more now you get treated as if it was still the time of the offence .
  5. That was an absolute beauty , just the start that was needed .
  6. Whatever the family history the girls father has died in apparently tragic circumstances, I can’t see any reason whatsoever for the mother’s statement on the situation . I don’t see who it benefits or what purpose it serves .
  7. Honestly I’ve been shaking my head that people who make a living in and around the game of football can’t grasp that simple point .
  8. How can his analysis be he should have scored and to criticise the player ? He did fucking score it’s clearly over the line .
  9. It is and it does , what a difference in 12 months .
  10. That’d be despicable and I can’t believe anyone could ever defend it .
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