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  1. That's Soldier Field. Big NFL stadium. The one that's hard to get to is Toyota Park/SeatGeek Stadium/Bridgeview, it's a 'soccer-specific stadium' out by Midway. The Fire left there at the start of 2020 to go back to Soldier but still use the offices and train there. The Chicago Red Stars (women's team) play there. It's a bastard to get to but actually a pretty nice wee ground and holds around 20k but is about 20 miles from the Loop. You can just see the city skyline in the second pic (above the farside left corner). It's my only experience of a tail-gating as NFL/MLB were out of season. Fuckin
  2. Soldier Field? It's pretty close to the Loop so can normally walk from downtown. I was supposed to be over earlier this year for the Fire's home opener but Covid and shit. Bridgeview (where the Fire played until moving back to Soldier) was a cunt to get to. I happened to have friends I was going with so got a lift to the ground but getting out, we had to get an Uber to Midway then jump on the train from there. One of my favourite cities on earth. I actually got one of the 2013 'draft scarves' given to me by the club when I went over. They only get about 10 of them from Adidas.
  3. Ive been making similar gags about my passport for years. Cannae call it a blackboard but... etc etc
  4. Im an honorary member of a Black Chicago Fire supporters group because I successfully argued I'm a Black male who supports them.
  5. I dont even thinks he's really a black 👀
  6. Fuck all to do with that tinfoil hat wearing lunatic
  7. Possibly but not sure where they'd be able to go. Can't book much in advance given how quickly things are changing with Covid rules etc.
  8. I don't think they want to leave 'free' midweeks unused where possible as the lack of them means a spell of bad weather will cause chaos. That said, Celtic could have easily played Sat-Wed-Sat.
  9. Bit in bold is their get out, as well as the next section
  10. Seems the likely explanation tbh, looking at their fixtures. Probably play on the Thursday prior - could maybe even squeeze two in with nine days between the Old Firm and the Hibs game now.
  11. "club request". Teams can request it tbf, but it only tends to be exceptional circumstances where they'll move it without one club's consent. I've sent a couple messages trying to find out what the reason for the request is but heard nothing back (and don't expect to tbh)
  12. I've always said the page does between 2-3m page views each month. Feel free to go back through the multiple times you've randomly brought it up.
  13. I was slightly surprised when he brought Kamara on for Barker rather than Middleton.
  14. Fraid not. If you were correct, we'd not even be getting 200k on RangersNews each month.
  15. 2.5million page views for RangersNews in October Just shy of 2.1m for this month on Rangers News but will go through 2.1m today. 42.4million page views since we launched RangersNews inJuly 2018 Please tell me more about how you know you're correct. Havent once tried to portray the groups figures as my own. I've always expressly said the difference between the overall group (including sites like HITC, The Focus, Not The Old Firm and Rangers News) compared to our own individual site numbers.
  16. No idea what numbers H&H get each month. If they are doing 6-9million page views each month, fair play to them. No idea why you find it hard to believe a Rangers News site with several full time staff putting out anywhere between 20-30 pieces a day does several million views a month.
  17. An external site who has limited access to most sites analytics. Not particularly reliable to measure other sites' stats. I'll stick with googles analytics that accurately measure clicks etc
  18. There were a few. One was regarding how the season ended and the club's agreement that it couldn't be completed. Others were related to castore and Zungu.
  19. Our individual site doesn't, our group does ridiculous numbers. RangersNews on its own does between 2-3million page views every month. The group does around 150million. We have something like 90 full time writers across the sites.
  20. An occasional poster on here too... I've only heard about the Bisgrove thing from other people so not sure how true it is. It's quite annoying tbh. Ultimately, the closer we are to the club, the better stuff we can produce. Certainly don't want to be on their shitlist but that's their call. Imo, with the numbers we do, it makes sense to work with us to some degree but we can't force them to.
  21. Rubbed a couple people the wrong way by asking questions they didnt like.
  22. Nope. This sorta landed in my lap as I've mainly been doing Falkirk this season anyway since it's local to me and I'm not overly keen on travelling cross country for games too much since I rely on public transport. Even asking a question tonight didn't appear to go down well but, it is what it is. I'll keep putting stuff out there and keep trying. I know there are some at Ibrox who are fans of what I do but others, not so much.
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