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  1. Ive asked this question directly several times in the thread without an answer.
  2. Which policitical gesture? Is James Taverner a liar?
  3. I'm sure I'm not the only Black you think that about...
  4. What other intentions could someone have if they booed the players taking an explicit stance against racism?
  5. If players taking a knee makes racists feel excluded, then that's only a good thing.
  6. Why on earth would it lead to people not being allowed to boo celtic? What utterly hysterical bullshit
  7. Both are from before then, yes. Both make clear the players' reasons for kneeling, standing, doing somersaults or any other gesture in opposition to racism. It has nothing to do with any perceived marxist agenda
  8. Did you miss the bit when James Tavernier said "this is a very simple, but we hope, effective gesture. It is a symbolic stance against racism, nothing more and nothing less."? Is he lying?
  9. Several players have spoken publicly about the reason for taking a knee. Here's Jermain Defoe as far back as last September - “The positive is probably the awareness and all the high-profile people - not just in football, but in sport in general - that have used their platforms to keep the movement going. “Everyone seems to be talking about it, which is something that we wanted. That change. “You watch the stuff that is happening in America with the basketball and the levels that they are going to. “Taking a knee continuing before the game is not just for the black pla
  10. The players have continually been clear in why they kneel. Does anyone who boos the 'perceived' support of BLM think young footballers earning thousands of pounds a week are closet Marxists?
  11. Why would anyone protest a gesture to oppose racism?
  12. Why would anyone protest a gesture opposing racism?
  13. Read James Taverniers open letter to fans and get back to us.
  14. What utter pish. There's nothing about the players taking a knee that 'sidelines' the clubs in house campaign. To the point, Michael Beale shared this earlier
  15. It literally does make it exactly why the players are doing it. You can attach whatecet bullshit you want to it. Taverner has said it is being done by the Rangers as a 'symbolic stance against racism, nothing more and nothing less.' Are you telling us he is wrong?
  16. Theres only a misunderstanding if you choose to ignore James Taverner explicity telling you why they are doing it.
  17. If they are booing, they are wrong. Regardless of what bullshit reason they want to offer.
  18. Even more ridiculous that the Rangers captain has basically had to ask our own fans not to boo our players for opposing racism because there are fuckwits in our support who think footballers being paid thousands of pounds a week are supporters of 'marxism'.
  19. Only four of those would count towards the quota
  20. no there needs to be four of each. club-trained players can't be counted as association-trained.
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