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  1. Its our second string youth players against a team being heavily bankrolled to make it up the leagues.
  2. Because the club think it is worthless in developing players. Kids playing kids in front of their maw and da isn't the environment the club want.
  3. Because he has no experience as a coach, has only just really started doing his badges and was nowhere near being the best candidate as an addition to the first-team coaching staff. If Defoe wants to pick up experience then great. He can coach in the Academy instead and learn his job.
  4. Good. Should never have been part of the coaching staff to begin with.
  5. They are welcome to make me an offer.
  6. Which obvious anti-David Graham posts? You're absolutely right these things aren't real. No idea why folk get themselves so wound up by them. I'm more of a hauf-and-a-hauf guy tbh
  7. Yeah, club PR never tells players what to say after a game. Definitely never happens.
  8. What hatred of him? I think the guy is an incompetent arse who is woefully under-qualified for the role he's in and lacks the skills for the role.
  9. Like I said, if he does I'll hold my hands up and apologise. I've not seen it and only going on what I see him post.
  10. Between the market being a bit fucked because of Covid and the general reluctance by English teams to spend that sort of cash on players from Scotland, I think it would've taken an absolutely incredible Euros for him to have pushed it to 12-15m. Tbh, I wouldn't sell him for anything less but we're not exactly somewhwere that PL clubs tend to come and spend millions and millions.
  11. Awww suck it up. I look forward to your moral outrage next time there's a cheap shot sent my way...
  12. Kamara isn't going for 20m and tbh, I'd have been surprised if we'd even seen 12-15m for him over the summer.
  13. If he does, I'll hold my hands up. All I ever see is him whining like fuck about Tavernier and Goldson.
  14. We better sell Kamara in January though, never know if his value will drop over the rest of the season...
  15. Will we put your critisicm of Goldson down to your hatred of him? Why are you so vocally against black Rangers players anyway?
  16. Very different circumstances now. We've got a new manager to keep happy and we're not going to tell Gio in his first window that there's not a pot to piss in when it comes to transfers.
  17. He even wanted Goldson to tell us we were unlucky and worked hard on Sunday.
  18. But then is that not the same cliched shite we've heard several times this season already? Disappointed, need to do better, will work hard in training this week to put things right etc etc.
  19. So does he come out and trot out the club-approved line that we were unlucky and the players gave their all and bullshit us?
  20. The club picks who goes out. David Graham picked Goldson.
  21. From what I've heard, it's much better than what he was asked to say. If there are players in the dressing room who have downed tools, do you think Goldson should be coming out and telling us the players all 'worked hard and we were unlucky not to turn the game around'? There's been times I've done press at clubs when I've been able to hear managers tearing their players to shreds in the dressing room at FT then come out and tell the world how the players gave it everything and things are heading in the right direction - and you just know it's absolute bullshit. If there are players in the dressing room who have downed tools, I'd much rather someone come out and said it rather than pissing on me from a great height and trying to convince me it's just rain.
  22. I'd much rather than than bending over every time someone flashes their chequebook at us. Although if we were going to be selling these players and using the money brought in to replace them, how would you propose we balanced the books if not through European football? because using if we're using the transfer fees to do so, there's not much left there to actually spend on replacing the players we sell.
  23. For every Andrews we had they had a Momo Sylla and a Stephen Pearson. We were hardly up against prime Barcelona ffs.
  24. The most we've paid for a central midfielder since 2018 is 50k. And that includes when Gerrard had a health wedge burning a big hole in his pocket and he was spunking millions on dross like Eros fucking Grezda.
  25. I haven't defended the performance against Hibs once.
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