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  1. I think Davis has been good last couple of games since replacing Kamara. Side passes have been the name of the game but a couole of times he's made a burst through the midfield. Almost as if he's remembered what he done here first time around. I'm starting to feel confident about this season. Add to this our front options are pulling defences apart now as well. Another addition, Roofe getting a headed assist in the box. Happy fuckin days.
  2. Not only that but before their highlights were shown there was a feckin montage of his goals from last week with 80's pop soundtrack making him out to be some super human. ( Canny remember track and not watching it back again.) Fenian scumbags!
  3. The language in this quote tells you all you need to know. "Drag the game" infers that they're doing something wrong and that all other decisions have been above board. A healthy amount of Scottish football chairman and boards have a heck of a lot to answer for this attitude permeating through our football culture. And that includes previous Rangers boards!
  4. Over nearly a decade I've came on here expecting an own goal. Now, I'm pretty confident we've got them bmg to rights. Better shut ma trap in case we fuck it. 😂
  5. We've a new media spokesperson! Sometimes our wishes do come true.😁
  6. He barely touched brown ,if he did. Ffs
  7. Fuck monday morning , I'm out for a family dinner on Sunday. I've not been this positive going into a game against the tinks in a long time. Union flag T-shirt and RFC tattoo on show ( Shite RFC tat by the way. Not as shit as The Godfathers snake tho.) 4-1 Katic,Morelos and Defoe double.🤞
  8. Polis are cunts. As an earlier post said, waste of resources. Polis nowadays are cowards and H&S daft. Deal wi them in my work and most are tadgers who dont want the paperwork and kick wi the wrang foot. Only to be seen at the least troublesome times.
  9. Was working last night and had BTP in my my place of work. 4 of us in the office just talking shite until one officer asked about something I had beside my rucksack. ( I'm trying to keep this as generic as possible) Needless to say his reaction was "Rangers are deid" . I didn't like it. I told him if he was gonny talk shit like that he might as well leave the office. His colleague (said he was a thistle fan) then said we don't want a complaint against us and took him away. I now believe that our officials are fucked. Not infiltrated or anything like that but PUL apathy have left ourselves in a minority position within the Police and other services that matter.
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