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  1. imagine if it was those big old square bastards he'd hit
  2. it's mad the prices now,when I first seen them it was 12 quid I think,was them,Primordial and the other band escapes me the now,not sure on average pricing in your neck of the woods but dropping it to half that would make sense,people choking to get to a gig and lower price means more people and possibly more merch shifted too edit,Enthroned was other band,also just dawned on me,it's possible venues gonna be charging more for hire to promoters due to loss of revenue during the plague too
  3. that's brutal,mind you they've been bit poor last couple of times I seen them
  4. nice,tried fishin for musky in Dryden once but no joy
  5. can anybody help me with advice on Stirling,Tillicoutrie,near Stirling?
  6. I quite liked that,bit of creativity rather than a straight copy,studio cover is crazy
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