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  1. probably into xhamster I bet 😂
  2. I think the technical term is fucking ratted
  3. can't even describe how I feel,know how I'll feel tomorrow though,rough,love every single one of you
  4. Remembering our fellow Bears and Bearettes who started the journey with us but sadly are not here at the end,for Sandy Jardine an absolute bastion when we needed one,for Johnny Hubbard who longed for this day,Salute them all
  5. since March 2012,joined on a friday,rode out the shifty eyes,a rite of passage back then,had a wee thought for guys like ED,The Booler etc today,raise your glasses to them ladies and gentlemen
  6. Paul the tim for next manager,has the qualifications after all
  7. my main reservation about George square is plod are getting twitchy about it and you can almost guarantee bheasts will infiltrate to try and kick shit off
  8. that smile at full time...
  9. that's the Alfie we all love tonight,scoring,assists,drawing fouls,the complete performance,even the off the ball movement,outstanding
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