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  1. Dunno if this been put up yet,Stevie Souness from Twitter gets all the credit getvideobot.com-spdWAB9OH7oJwu6l.mp4
  2. Get onto eventbrite next,they're letting the call it out bigots hold an event on their platform on monday, I'm sure they'll be so happy for everyone to know there's a pro terror fan club using their services
  3. I'll admit I wasn't keen on it before kick off,Glad to be wrong
  4. Changed brand of coffee I reckon
  5. I'd give him till January window at least,deserves a fair crack of the whip after burstin his arse to get fit again
  6. Prize for the first presenter on telly that can actually say apoplectic postecoglue
  7. I hope they play the predator
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