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  1. not long out of theatre and bloody missed it,sounds like a good performance though,back on track
  2. find some quiet space and reflect on what we've been through since 2012, after that I'm gonna get so fuckin cabbaged
  3. can't copy and paste the now but sweet fuckin jeebus https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/01/20/celtic-gain-vital-point-against-livingston-in-battle-for-second-place/
  4. is there anyone on here who wouldn't have ripped off their left baw for that stat before the season began?
  5. didn't notice this was already up,just put it on ssb thread
  6. getvideobot.com-L3x895nLrwdny6FG.mp4
  7. A guy who stuck to his ideals,maybe even had a wee influence on Sir Walter,not many like him,sad loss indeed
  8. appears that I've sown a bumper crop of tarrier meltdowns
  9. imagine if it was those big old square bastards he'd hit
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