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  1. If null and void was a catastrophe for finances of clubs last season then surely it would be even worse given the losses made by clubs so far this season? We were told it COULDNT be an option now suddenly it is, what utter bullshit.
  2. Is that we've in my opinion still got several gears to go through. With the first set of fixtures out the way we've undoubtedly played one great stuff at times and been defensively sound too but we still have much more to come. We have had our share of injuries, players settling in and again going through Euro qualifiers in a short space of time. I think that we can still give much more and in no way is this a criticism but a massive positive for the matches ahead. Look t let weekend for example, we beat that mob without our front 3 really getting in to it and agin today against Livi we did what we had to. For me I'm really looking forward to how much more we can do and feel it is a matter of time before we properly give some sides a proper going over.
  3. The bigots agent arguing with tarriers and alan thompson's twitter meltdown have really topped this result off😂
  4. Good to see duffy help his ex team mate score today
  5. Good when they make a cunt if themselves with videos like that
  6. Their ex players and staff get wheeled out all the time and make these daft claims and its just accepted by and large, yet look if someone puts a value on a Rangers player...again look at their ex player pundits laugh at it. Look at Barry saying that the French cunt is a £35 mill player all day long but a few months ago was saying our £20 mill valuation of Alfredo was too high.
  7. That would imply they had a decent moral compass...which of course they don't.
  8. Now frimpong will bag them £50 million😂
  9. During his time with them brown seeks almost every season to well in to double figures with his yellow card count but very seldom do you see him pick up another card despite cards coming fairly early in to matches on a number of occasions...strange that
  10. Mate you only have to looked at the failed trialists comments from last week. I mean can one cunt get more biased, employed by that lot and the BBC ffs
  11. Look what happened to Beale when he called out clancy for what he is...a cheat. We'll get hammered from all angles despite the clear evidence.
  12. Normally I'm "3 points and that's the most important thing" . Today I'm not gonna lie, I really want us to destroy this mob...like a proper humiliation...
  13. This is the one we've all been waiting for😂😂
  14. Really wish this one had been a packed out Ibrox watching us absolutely destroy these cunts...will make do with us destroying them...
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