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  1. I think the club should be talking to thier lawyers in the morning.
  2. I really don't care what anyone says Big Eck for me done a great job before and I think he could knock this team into shape, he'll know what's needed with this lot of dross.
  3. I think Wallace is a good captain and a great ambassador for the club I just wish he would be a bit more vocal on the park and show a bit more leadership and tell his teammates what to do and what's expected. He just seems to be very quiet.
  4. I have decided that I'm not going to read about Barton anymore I'm sick and tired with the charade I don't think he'll be good for Rangers I think he's in the game too long now he's made his money and I don't think he's interested in doing anything for the good of the club, I mean who's going to be next in the firing line, the guys a nightmare.
  5. I tend to agree with you, that's a year now we've saying we need centre backs, so what's going on? Are MW and DW blind to the fact, I just don't understand why they can't see it, therefore I think there must be other reasons.
  6. Neil1418

    Wallace CB

    Worth a try, but I'd like to see a bit more of a dig in him to be a centre back, I would reckon he's faster than the other four centre backs we've got.
  7. Oh how I would love to see Rangers play outside this country, these a-holes don't deserve our money or support the Rangers fans give at away games. Let them keep their wee rule book that can be made up and changed at a drop of a hat especially if it's a Rangers hat they would be down on us like a ton of bricks, it's obvious to every Rangers fan how this lot operate and how one sided spfl are, its actually embarrassing. I really hope the board do all they can to get us out of this league at the first opportunity and leave this lot to fester in their sh__
  8. Any goal as long as it's against the ones on the dark side of the city
  9. I don't now if I'm being greedy but I would like to see Senderos signed as well, I don't think Wilson and Kiernan can cut, and I feel it's a bit early to judge Hill. I wonder how it would be with Senderos and Lescott in the middle I don't know if they would compliment each other or not but plenty of experience.
  10. Heard a lot about this lad and I'm really looking forward to seeing him. Apparently he knows how to look after himself and can put himself about if needed, looking forward to seeing him play.
  11. I like your Latin idea I think it would get the commentators, press etc talking as they would need to have it translated. Then again they might not want to say anything when they find out what it says.
  12. They have'nt stopped sweeping yet mate it may take another few weeks yet until after the euro cups start. sweep sweep !!!!
  13. It's getting more like it year the SNP are in power they are adopting nazi tactics of trying to bully everyone. With Noddy Nic leading them
  14. If that had happened with us at Ibrox we we would have been hammered with fines etc from the sfa. Therefore how can the sfa fine themselves, Hampden is their stadium security was their responsibility so where does it go from here, it will be left a few weeks then swept under the carpet.
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