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  1. Quite like Jamie's idea. Would normally choose a Baresi type playing for Rangers for myself, though. But tbh, I just want to be the cunt scoring the goals at the piggery.
  2. Japan, you say? Definitely @bigblueyonder, then.
  3. It's probably @bigblueyonder. Either that or he can arrange to meet @bigblueyonderto confirm his identity.
  4. Dynamo Kiev. Would take that.
  5. How can you be so shite at a language after being immersed in it for 4 years? Ah well.
  6. Nope, think we'll concentrate on the league tbh. Most important thing this year.
  7. Like the boy's confidence. Tiny hints of a wee Kamaraesque gem here.
  8. When we switch it on we're top class these days.
  9. You don't want a Spurs or Arsenal. Likely to take it very seriously now as a route to the CL.
  10. Whatever I think, it's done now. Gaffer spoke well tbf. Need to move on from it, boy did well.
  11. This all could be the making of him.
  12. 'Hello? McFly?' Might have the same issues as 'VHS' on reflection.
  13. Yeah, they're not 1 though. Your mistakes are of no relevance if we don't know what they are. If your company wants to give you 3 chances not to make a mistake, that's up to them. Which is kind of the point. This'll be the, not first or second, but third time they try to help the poor wee mites try to understand what they're supposed to be doing. Gerrard chapping them on the heid with a 'Hello? McFly?' doesny even quite cut how stupid these boys seem to be.
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