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  1. The courts are backlogged due to Covid but there will be some movement on the civil suits after the criminal one with news towards the end of January apparently. I think Gordon has been told to wait until the current case is concluded before he can release his book.
  2. They are well suited to each other. An Englishman who wants to be Scottish who supports a British football club that wants to be Irish. They are utterly deluded.
  3. If you watched that game today and are not genuinely worried then I would suggest all you have is blind faith. We are struggling to break down teams and do not look to have improved much from last season. Not enough urgency in our play, we are so obvious in almost everything we do. Until Jones came on we didn't even look like we wanted to get past a full back and get to the goal line. Kilmarnock looked a much poorer side than they were last season and we still struggled to create many chances.
  4. stfu


    Was that not Dundee Hibs they never brought more than 20 and a dug?
  5. stfu

    Paul McStay

    This is nonsense never happened. He was roundly ridiculed for throwing his top into the jungle at the last home game of the season because as usual the yahoo media had him going to all these big clubs. And guess what he never went anywhere because he was another over rated joke. I just surprised he didn't win young player of the year this year. He did however give me one moment of great joy when he bottled it from taking a penalty in the Raith Rovers final at Ibrox and then missed when he was forced to. 🤣
  6. LMAO the madness on here is hilarious. So BlueMe and King Jela thinks that we spent the same money with Warburton in total than we made on Windass. Forget Senderos and Joey Barton. We covered the budget. FFS.
  7. What worries me is why did they think that the likes of Lafferty was good enough anyway.
  8. I remember in 1986 when Uruguay beat Scotland in the world cup with a team of hammer throwers. Look at how the players and the football of that country has progressed since then and compare it to Scotland. Until all clubs in this country agree to try and play decent technical football we have no chance. My oldest used to play every weekend for a boys club and some of the attitudes from the coaches and parents of the clubs is like something out of the 70's. Screaming and swearing at young boys to fecking smash him and stuff is frankly embarrassing in this day, but that's Sco
  9. Yet another job for the boys. I wonder how much we are wasting on him this time. Its about time we started looking at things with a modern view not scouting like it's 1980.
  10. The apology should have come after the 2nd or 3rd stupid red not the fifth. He is a liability that also forces our team to play in a certain way which has no back up plan. We need to start playing and acting like a team not 10 guys and Morelos, if we are so reliant on him that we cannot adapt and beat teams without him then we have to move him on while he is still worth something. The whole team need to start apologising because some of their performances have been shocking. Worrall yesterday had a nightmare and that's not the first time he has let us down. I am fed up hear
  11. Part of our problems over the last 20 years is we don't rate our own players highly enough, it has become almost trendy to slag our own and under value them. On the other hand the yahoos over the years are picking up money for utter dross like Gary Hooper and Craig Beattie who between them brought in more than six million. Now I am not a huge Tav fan but if you take into account the number of assists that he has had even before you count his goals then we should be holding out for a lot more than £2M. Thankfully I think we are now starting to put a true value on our players.
  12. Fact, Rangers hit with five SFA charges following their criticism of referee Willie Collum. Fact no other team has been charged by SFA for criticising referees. Here are the charges in full. Notice of Complaint | Rangers FC Wednesday 28 November 2018 Alleged Party in Breach: Rangers FC Date: Between 8 and 16 November 2018 Disciplinary Rules allegedly breached: Charge 1: No recognised football body, club, official, Team Official or other member of Team Staff, player or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA, shall in an interview, a
  13. But surely treating Rangers differently to other clubs proves "anti Rangers positioning "?
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