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  1. No because they will just hoover up every youngster in world football with huge paychecks. Like they already do with the likes of Billy Gilmour etc... but on an even larger scale.
  2. Anyone who doesn’t think Roofe’s goal is the Goal of the Season doesn’t know anything about football.
  3. I’d be cancelling this friendly. Fuck Arsenal’s money grabbing owners. These days for the so called “big teams” to come and play in a friendly they charge an appearance fee and the idea of us paying them any money when they plan on fucking off to this Super League bullshit is insulting.
  4. I’d maybe take Morelos off for Roofe and Arfield off for Hagi. Then look at putting Wright on for Aribo in 10/15 minutes.
  5. Patterson just making sure no one comes in with a bid for him so he isn’t forced to leave 😎
  6. I can’t agree about Arfield he just isn’t getting involved and when he does he loses the ball. Luckily it’s not affected us much today as we have other key players have stepped up.
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