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  1. We are losing points tonight that’s for certain but Gio better fucking learn from his mistakes and change his tactics.
  2. We are letting the tarriers within 2 points of us thanks to a team full of lazy shitebags.
  3. We ain’t winning this subs are the wrong ones nothing will change.
  4. Roofe and Arfield great no Sakala so once again no fucking pace or drive.
  5. This is basically the same as under Gerrard but without Tav going forward so we aren’t creating anything.
  6. Complete lack of motivation and drive from the players. If anything we have been worse in the 2nd half than the first and still WE HAVENT MADE ANY FUCKING CHANGES
  7. Sooner Davis fucks off the better he’s contributed well over the last few seasons but he’s done.
  8. Zero movement or runners in behind. Gio needs to make subs now not at fucking 70 minutes.
  9. McGregor Tavernier Goldson Bassey Barisic Arfield Kamara Sakala Aribo Kent Morelos That is the team that needs to emerge at half time but let’s be honest we ain’t making 1 sub at half time never mind 2. As long as McCallum ain’t about to advise Gio to put on another 2 defensive midfielders.
  10. The more the game goes on the further forward we will have to push. All it takes is one break away with Boyle and they can score I wouldn’t write them out of it yet. We need to change things big time.
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