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  1. Joshua for ages has been trying to lose bulk and outbox his opponents. The problem is he’s never been a top boxer, his rise to fame was as a result of his sheer size, power and aggression. He used to just blow people away (including some very good fighters). He needs to get back to that approach as it’s his only chance of being successful. He also needs to ditch McCracken.
  2. Player Ratings McLaughlin—7 Tavernier—5 Goldson—4 Balogun—7 Bassey—6 Lundstram—7 Kamara—5 Aribo—6 Roofe—5 Morelos—5 Hagi—6
  3. I’d definitely say it’s decency bias, Alexander had some great performances for us both in Europe and Domestically, remember he was in goals in that semi final in Florence. I’d agree McLaughlin is a very good backup keeper though.
  4. Neil Alexander takes that spot. Infact Stefan Klos was at one point 2nd choice to Waterreus so he probably takes the win.
  5. He may be part of the answer but we need another player in the mould of Kent and most inportantly a creative centre midfielder. Maybe even a CB. Hopefully we can grind out results until January.
  6. I can’t see us improving this side of Christmas to be honest. We need a break and we need fresh blood.
  7. To be honest individual players coming back isn’t going to make a difference we need half our team to suddenly regain their form of last season.
  8. I have zero confidence we will prevent them getting an equaliser.
  9. I’d agree that people have definitely been overrating his better performances (for the reasons you describe) but he’s definitely improved a bit over the last few games (Lyon apart) and he has probably been our best player today (not saying much to be fair).
  10. I’d get Wright in for Roofe and Patterson for Tav to get some energy down that right hand side.
  11. Cumdog obviously learned how to take penalties whilst at Rangers.
  12. Gerrard needs to be looking at subs sooner rather than later. He can’t be waiting till Dundee grab an equaliser this time. Plenty of options to change it up: Sakala, Bacuna or Wright would do for something a bit different.
  13. I keep telling myself that we just need to wait till have time and we can start dominating again. But if anything this season we seem to be coming out in the 2nd half either just as bad or even worse.
  14. Not even the Scottish press could try and go with that narrative as then it opens up the question as to why a 30+ year old man has effectively got away with asking multiple u-16 girls for sexual photographs. Both legally and from within the football community of Scotland.
  15. For once we can’t even use the excuse of the opposition sitting in their box. Dundee are actually pressing us and we are struggling to cope with it. We seriously need to make the most of it and pick gaps in their press.
  16. Dundee looking more likely since we scored. Need to step it up Rangers.
  17. We need to keep pushing for more goals. We have all seen the danger of being happy with 1-0. We need to keep our intensity.
  18. It’s sound I’ve sorted it just restarted my laptop and it seems fine now. Either that or moving to Belgium has worked better!
  19. Anyone else's RTV link unworkable. I’ve put it on the lowest quality and tried turning the VPN off mid stream but still jumpy as fuck. The rest of my internet seems absolutely fine.
  20. In previous season Hagi was always capable of a bit of magic and some nice play but far to often he was anonymous and didn’t get involved in play. He seemed to shy away from the physical battles. This season he is one of a small number of players that have actually improved and not regressed. His seasons been pretty stop start due to injuries/Covid but in the games he has played he’s been excellent. He has battled for absolutely everything and seems to win those battles more often than not, he has added some aggression to his play. Then on top of that his movement, creativity, crossing and indeed end product has been excellent. Hopefully he can keep it up for the full season (and beyond!).
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