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  1. Yeah I’m still feeling hopeful that we can get something out of it. Until I see the starting lineup and see the likes of O’Donnell, Forrest, Christie & McGregor in it and no Patterson or Gilmour. Then it will be straight back to reality 😂
  2. Scotland probably have a few more top quality players than Wales the difference is however Wales have some genuine quality in forward positions Bale, Ramsey, James & Wilson. All Scotland’s best players are in defensive positions, attacking flair seems to get coached out of players in Scotland. The other difference is the Welsh manager picks his best players despite them being young and inexperienced, where as Scotland have an old alky picking his pals who “got us here” via the easiest qualifying method in history. Gilmour could probably do as well for Scotland as Ramsey does for
  3. Steve Clarke being his stubborn self in the media saying he doesn't regret is team choice and even with hindsight he wouldn't have changed anything! Can't wait to see O'Donnell and friends get fucking ruined again.
  4. Yeah your not wrong. Most people who aren’t sticking up for mongo boy at RB are suggesting that James Forrest starts instead 😂
  5. Still loads of goons on Twitter saying “O’Donnell was fine” and a “scapegoat” Absolutely mental. I suppose all those diddy fans that support Scotland are used to watching players of his quality week in week out and they think that it’s not that bad 😂
  6. If they keep repeating the lie that Scotland played well often enough are they hoping people will actually believe it? 😂 According to the pundits, the players and now the manager we defended well and created loads of chances and only lost due to “luck” 😂
  7. You would think we had won judging by the way the pundits are speaking 😂
  8. Not one of the pundits have the balls to tell the truth…. •Clarke got the team selection wrong •Certain individual players were shite.
  9. No chance if he was gonna do that then he would have brought them on today.
  10. “The England game will take care of itself”
  11. Gilmour & Patterson would be aswell going home.
  12. I’m kinda disappointed that the tarriers didn’t hold out to appoint Steve Clarke as manager after the Euros.
  13. If Patterson or Gilmour don’t get on today then you can guarentee that they won’t see any game time in this tournament.
  14. When I was playing as a kid there was always that mongo kid that was the managers nephew or something and they just used to stick him on at fullback where he could cause the least damage to the team, week after week he would fuck it up but still keep his place in the team. That’s O’Donnell, Clarke’s big mongo pal.
  15. Not sure where the idea that Hendry is a good CB came from? Hes had a decent season for a mid table team in Belgium hardly means he’s International quality. There is a reason he could never get a game for celtic’s shite defence.
  16. What Clark should do for the 2nd half… Marshall Patterson Hendry Hanley Cooper Robertson Gilmour McGinn McTominay Christie Adams
  17. Aye he will probably put on James Forrest or Callum McGregor 😂
  18. The worst thing is Clarke isn’t going to make any changes unless the Czech’s score. He isn’t going to go for the win he’s just gonna sit and hope that Robertson will create something.
  19. How Clarke can watch Gilmour no doubt be the best player all week in training and then say “nah I’ll just pick Christie and Armstrong as they got us here”.
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