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  1. Id look at bringing a few of the B Team into the first team squad at least on the bench.
  2. If we don’t sign 2 or 3 quality players (CB, CM & Winger) in January we can forget about the title it’s as simple as that. This team has run its course and without an injection of quality we haven’t got a hope in hell of turning our form around.
  3. Embarrassing performance didn’t even deserve to win the game.
  4. I fucking hate stupid fouls just takes all the pressure off the opposition.
  5. The crowd need to play their part in the last 10 minutes now.
  6. Thank fuck now go get a fucking winner prove you aren’t a bunch of shitebags.
  7. There is more chance of them catching us on the break and getting a third than of us scoring again. For all our pressure we have created zero chances in this half.
  8. If Beale’s idea of changing the game was just to bring on Arfield then maybe he isn’t as good as people say he is.
  9. We are such a shite team this season. Cant make simple passes, can’t defend, can’t finish the few chances we do make. Its infuriating, I keep hoping something will be the turning point and we kick on and find last seasons form but it’s just never coming.
  10. The only person Wright will expose is himself he’s been worse than anyone this season zero end product.
  11. If the board don’t spend £5 Million odd which could guarantee us £35 Million odd then we don’t deserve the title. We invested fuck all in the summer and we are seeing the effects of that in the stale performances this season. They can’t make the same mistake in this transfer window. A CB & a Winger/Attacking Midfielder would do wonders for our team.
  12. It’s incredibly sloppy. I swear when Gerrard first came in the standard of passing was very good. Unless my memory is playing tricks on me.
  13. But even before Kent got injured we still weren’t doing the high press.
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