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  1. Fuckin hell I’m not sure how I forgot he was suspended. Davis it is then!
  2. The team that started against Madrid has to start against Livingston & Malmö/Helsinki. The only feasible change is Kamara for Davis as Kamara was better than Davis when he came on.
  3. Anyone got a clip of his little turn from the first half.
  4. John Kennedy to take over as caretaker manager by October hopefully 😂
  5. I was a little bit worried before this match that we hadn’t really clicked going forward. We were decent against Brighton and overall were the better team but at the same time we didn’t really create much. Today has proven those fears were unfounded and we are back into the fast paced pressing and attack rhythm that we had at times last season. Hopefully this season the additions of Sakala, Lundstrum and Veerman😁 plus the emergence of the likes of Wright/Patterson/Itten/Bassey can take us to that next level in Europe.
  6. Yaaaaassss Cedric Itten wants in on the striker talk.
  7. Gerrard being to kind to Jones shouldn’t be anywhere near the team after his previous performances. Pre season or not.
  8. The team we started with today should be the team that starts against Livingston and Malmö/Helsinki.
  9. We might struggle without Sakala, Wright & Kent on the pitch lacking pace now. Not that it matters being a friendly.
  10. Nathan coming on that’s Madrid fucked now.
  11. Not sure why anyone is in the slightest bit bothered about what the Tarriers are currently doing.
  12. Can’t see us dominating the same way in the second half with the changes we have/are going to make.
  13. I’d rather not make loads of subs at half time this is our final pre season game and we need to keep building momentum and allow the first choice players to build chemistry and find a goal. It’s all very good dominating play but we need to add goals to that play again.
  14. If it stays like this it’s the greatest 1-0 loss we have ever had 😂
  15. If we could get Odegaard on loan that would be great thanks.
  16. Kent, Sakala & Wright are a sexual front three.
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