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  1. Would of preferred Bassey to Barisic at left back as I think O’Donnell would struggle big time against the pace and power of big Bassey.
  2. They got the idea in their heads that he’s only good on the RW/Right side 10 and he’s shite everywhere else and they ignore all the evidence / games that prove otherwise.
  3. For all the criticism people have of Aribo at CM he’s the only one that’s been holding the CM together so far this season all the other CM’s have been below par.
  4. I need to stop reading this thread the time difference between links is giving the game away: YAASSS followed by his did they not score kinda takes the tension out the game when I know we are gonna score😂
  5. Kamara keeps giving the ball away. He is one that has escaped any criticism despite being as out of form as the likes of Kent/Davis/Barisic.
  6. The idea that Jack is going to come back after so long out and go straight back into his top form is unrealistic if we are being honest. I think Jack will play a bit part at best this season.
  7. We could play until it’s daylight and still wouldn’t score a goal.
  8. Not just Europe we have been shite in the league aswell (2nd half against celtic apart).
  9. We have managed it over the last 2 or 3 seasons. There are smaller teams than us with similar or less money that have worked their way to the Champions League some of them even putting on a good show. We need to stop making excuses the reason Rangers are so successful is we demand the best, we absolutely should not be accepting losing 2-0 at home to anyone without a reaction, especially when the players don’t even put the effort in.
  10. Loosing to this side is one thing but the abject performance is unacceptable.
  11. Gerrard needs to sort something out because despite beating the scum I’m nowhere near as confident of winning the league, we are still favourites but it’s gonna be a lot closer they have improved and we have regressed. Winning the league and the Champions League money that comes with it is VITAL so we can get a cash injection into the first team.
  12. We have become stale. We desperately needed fresh blood of sufficient quality to challenge our first team players but we didn’t gamble and lost out on £30 Million. The first team players have become far to comfortable knowing no one has come in to properly challenge their place in the team. People on here arguing we didn’t need an Attacking Midfielder/Winger because we had Kent, Wright, Jones, Barker & Hastie but as this season has proven if Kent is off form we don’t have anyone capable of providing what he does.
  13. Too late for subs now he should have made them before Lyon finished us off.
  14. Have we fuck played well we can’t string more than 2 passes together.
  15. Can see them scoring a few more goals. How have we come out in the 2nd half even worse than the 1st?
  16. Hurry up and fucking change it Gerrard we can all see it’s not working let’s start being proactive and not reactive with our subs ffs.
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