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  1. This is genuinely the worst performance I’ve seen from a Rangers team for a long time; how the fuck are we winning 😂
  2. Yaaaaassss Win never in doubt 😂 Cedric Itten answering his critics 😎
  3. We would have been better playing more diddy teams to try and build some rhythm going forward.
  4. Why even bother putting the likes of Jones, Edmundson & Hastie on ffs.
  5. CM other than Lundstrum has been non existent.
  6. Can we get a big flood light pointing into the shadow. I’m not gonna be able to see Patterson play ffs.
  7. Mental to think Allan McGregor was in the same Rangers squad as Mikel Arteta.
  8. I’d get Patterson on for the 2nd half.
  9. Bassey our best player so far. If he played for some diddy SPFL team our fans would be creaming themselves over him. But because he had 2 bad games last season certain fans have him written off.
  10. Usually we are pretty good in friendlies, was it last season we beat Marseille 4-0.
  11. Fucking great if Defoe gets injured we are fucked. Cut Alfie’s holiday short.
  12. Hagi is only useful on the right in games we are dominating and playing near the front end of the pitch. He doesn’t have the pace to get us up the pitch and there aren’t any options for him to pick out as every player is in our own half.
  13. Far to many players look off the pace. Yes it’s pre season and it’s to be expected to an extent but with Champions League qualifiers coming up in a few weeks we really need them to get into a decent rhythm if we want any hope of reaching the group stages.
  14. Need to try and get some possession of the ball.
  15. Great delivery from Tav. Tav goes through stages with his corners for long periods they are shite but other periods they are deadly.
  16. Was a challenge like that necessary in a game like this.
  17. We are struggling to get up the pitch as we have zero pace.
  18. Where’s Aribo? Think we might struggle a little with… Helander Barisic Jack Veerman Aribo Kent Sakala Morelos All out for whatever reason. Our starting XI doesn’t have much in the way of pace. But saying that this Arsenal team did get beat of Hibs 😂
  19. Instead of blowing Griffiths noncing up on Twitter I wish they had sent it to one of those nonce Hunter groups online and get them to ensnare big Leigh with some fake 15 year old. Let’s be honest Leigh wouldn’t have hesitated to agree to meet and he would actually be convicted then. As usual Police Scotland do absolutely nothing. Don’t get me wrong he has already done enough to justify being charged and if the law says otherwise then the law needs changed. The justice system in Britain is a joke and justice is never served.
  20. Twitter seems to be flooded with the left wing community talking about the disgusting white English fans for racially abusing Saka/Sancho/Rashford. Tory Britain are evil, Brexit gammons blah blah fuckin blah… I’ve only seen a couple of examples from Instagram and they 19/20 seem to be random Arab names or Italians names who have been giving any racial abuse. Yet the Twitter crowd seem to be ignoring that fact and pressing forward with their agenda that England is incredibly racist. Plus all the violence in London they are making out that it’s “white yobs” cutting about targeting
  21. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone blame Saka yet to be fair.
  22. They should bring back the days where the police could give little chavs a beating before sending them on their way.
  23. I refuse to give Southgate credit for getting England to this point. England have got the best International squad in world football after maybe France. It’s t he sheer quality of the England squad that has got them to this stage not some masterclass by Southgate. Southgate has made a number of mistakes. Not saying Southgate should be sacked or anything but he’s not the reason they are in this position.
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