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  1. Just now, Prso's headband said:

    Going to be a strange season domestically as well as in Europe we don’t look comfortable at all. 

    Gerrard needs to sort something out because despite beating the scum I’m nowhere near as confident of winning the league, we are still favourites but it’s gonna be a lot closer they have improved and we have regressed.

    Winning the league and the Champions League money that comes with it is VITAL so we can get a cash injection into the first team.

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  2. Just now, esquire8 said:

    We ain't the same team. 

    We have become stale.

    We desperately needed fresh blood of sufficient quality to challenge our first team players but we didn’t gamble and lost out on £30 Million.

    The first team players have become far to comfortable knowing no one has come in to properly challenge their place in the team.

    People on here arguing we didn’t need an Attacking Midfielder/Winger because we had Kent, Wright, Jones, Barker & Hastie but as this season has proven if Kent is off form we don’t have anyone capable of providing what he does.

  3. Just now, AdzKyle said:

    That won’t happen 

    If he thinks we are creating any chances with the team he has put out he’s mental.

    I understand he probably wanted to be relatively defensive and hit them on the counter but our players aren’t made to sit back and defend a lead, and the form we are currently in I don’t trust our attackers/midfielders to create anything.

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