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  1. Excellent preformance from him his best in a Rangers shirt infact let's keep him up there out of midfield McCulloch should be ahead of Lafferty to me.
  2. The future my arse he's good enough now and should be given the chance it doesn't matter what his age is
  3. Excellent preformance from him as seen by the fact we lost control of the game when he went off. We should give our youth the chance more often they are definetley good enough from what we have seen.
  4. It's a shame he's wasted half his career at Everton in a mediocre mid table team he could hhave been at a bigger club much sooner I supose injury never helped him though.
  5. I'm still holding out some hope that the grand leader of Qatar will buy us
  6. Since when has McCulloch became some sort of superstar On here? He is a decent option upfront given our circumstances and has done ok for us upfront but he hasn't been brilliant he isn't going to "run riot" or "ragdoll the Celtic CB's" as folk have suggested he might sneak a goal from a set piece or something and will hold it up well but the Celtic CB's aren't as shite as made out yes they are poor but not that poor. People are also suggesting he start's in midfield again people are forgetting how dire he was at CM this season we lost almost every single game he played there before all this administration, Jelavic being sold, naisy's injury etc... started he is finished as a CM. People seem to be blinded by his loyalty to Rangers yes it's admirable and is good to see but it doesn't change anything in football terms.
  7. Where did you see about him beating Wylde in a race?
  8. It doesn't matter which way around Wallace and Papac are neither of them can play LW, Wallace is slow as fuck and is very clumsy on the ball he couldn't beat a man if he tried. I would agree Kerkar is best from the bench but he is the best option we have got in that position at least he will offer us something offensivley Wallace will offer us nothing he is a LB and should be at LB or on the bench.
  9. Is WHittaker not injured? and regardless if Whittaker is back both he and Lafferty won't be anywhere near starting they have both been out for ages subs bench only. Papac and Wallace better not be on the same wing McCulloch is useless in the centre of midfield when will people realise that upfront or nowhere -----------------McGregor------------------ -Perry---Goian--Bocanegra---Papac- ---------McCabe--Davis--Edu------------ ---Aluko---------------------------Kerkar--- -----------------McCulloch------------------- Subs- Neil Alexander Chris Hegarty Lee Wallace Alejandro Bedoya Andrew Little Kyle Lafferty Kane Hemmings
  10. sure you ain't like 11 or 12 years old then the name change will be even worse
  11. Plenty of players have scored against Barcelona it doesn't mean they would get a game for them So tell me would he get a game infront of the midfield 3 of Iniesta, Xavi or Busquets?
  12. I can only see us losing tommorow I like to be positive but we have been given nothing to be posotive about we have been woeful latley we have been losing to every team we face and the players don't seem intrested at all not to mention every fucking referee seems to go against us in every single game. If McCoist picks Wallace and Papac in the same side or McCulloch in centre midfield we will lose by 2/3/4 goals.
  13. When everyone's fit for Barca they will play Valdes Alves Pique Puyol Abidal Xavi Busquets Iniesta Pedro/Sanchez Messi Villa Subs- Pinto Montoya Muniesa Mascherano Fabregas Tello Pedro / Sanchez Scholes wouldn't get in the midfield 3
  14. He wouldn't get a game Xavi and Iniesta play in his position and both are better than him Busquets is a defensive midfielder and a key part of Barca in a job that Scholes couldn't do
  15. alot of youngsters training with the first team it would be intresting to see Barrie McKay get a run out he has been the only bright spark in the U-19's this year.
  16. Let's hope the team put on a show for them and the atmosphere and passion in the stands will hopefully impress them (unless we are getting pumped) What time will it be shown over there though I can't see to many people watchig it if it's like 8am or 1am etc...
  17. The old ones look tacky as fuck they are a monstrosity i'm to young to have seen it in person but it looks crap. It's the blue sea of Ibrox let's keep it that way On a sidenote what poofter came up with the idea to paint the seats every colour in the fuckin rainbow anyways why the fuck was there yellow seats was it some poofter from the 80's with a pornstar moustache.
  18. We should threaten to refuse Sky access to Ibrox unless Dundee United are excluded from any deal so they get no money at all while every other SPL club does. Never going to happen but we can wish I hate the specky cunt and Peter Houston with a passion.
  19. McCulloch is crap in midfield and we all know it if he plays in CM Celtic will hammer us people have got short memories McGregor Perry Goian Bocanegra Papac McCabe Davis Edu Aluko McCulloch Kerkar Subs- Neil Alexander Lee Wallace Andrew Little Kyle Lafferty Kane Hemmings with Aluko and Kerkar dropping into the midfield when they have the ball, Lafferty is just back from a long term injury to suggest he starts in his first game back against Celtic is ridiculous Hemmings, Little and McCulloch should be ahead of him. Agree with the poster above aswell Wallace and Papac down the same side better not happen or McCoist will be finished as a manger of Rangers.
  20. Let's up that to £50 Million a year are you saying you would still say no?
  21. What if they offered £5 Million a year for 10 years.
  22. Just create one in Alan's name on Yahoo it only takes 2 minutes
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