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  1. Yeah so did I I didn’t search for the “YNWA” bit as I thought he was a mad Liverpool fan that puts that shit at the end of every sentence. Still need her Instagram though Andy. 😂 (I’m joking by the way) (or am I)
  2. Worth a try he doesn’t seem to mind 😁
  3. Tried that and nothing came up. What’s her Instagram? 😂
  4. Pics? (as long as she’s over 18 not tryna emulate big Leigh)
  5. Atmosphere seems dead. That’s what happens when casuals start following football. Normally they would be at home watching Love Island but they have jumped on the bandwagon.
  6. They really need to start punishing players for diving. Raheem has been brilliant for England in this tournament but he’s a cheating scumbag.
  7. Think it’s a mix of muscle and being big boned like our pal Alfie.
  8. Easily Kane’s best game of the tournament so far tonight. He was rightly criticised for some of his performances in this tournament he was a man down at times but I think the occasion and build up has spurred him on to step it up.
  9. Italy lack any sort of pace to trouble the English defence.
  10. Can’t see anything but an England win here. They had the best squad on paper coming into the tournament (after France).
  11. We absolutely cannot sell Morelos until after the qualifiers with Roofe suspended (if we even end up selling him at all) We absolutely cannot go into the games with Itten, Defoe and an untried Sakala as our only options.
  12. It’s fair to say we are unlikely to score unless Kent goes on a mad one.
  13. Dunno why we are even bothering to play Mayo/Jones/Barker in pre season they will never get near the squad when it kicks off properly. It’s just wasting warm up game time.
  14. Denmark ain’t got it in them to score.
  15. Commentators are unbearable. Wouldnt have been bothered if England one it but the media make me change my mind.
  16. Why wasn’t the ref called over to the screen to watch it back?
  17. England might aswell take off a defender for another attacker the defence is pointless at the minute Denmark have no intention of going for a goal.
  18. If Denmark hold on I’ll be amazed.
  19. When a football camera man finds random fit birds and records them everyone calls him a hero. When I take pictures and videos of random birds in town I get called a creep, tell me how is that fair? 😡
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