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  1. We need to get bodies higher up the park. Anytime we get up the pitch with either Morelos, Roofe, Hagi or Aribo it’s only 2 of them up there no support is coming and making runs. We don’t have the pace to hit them on the counter either so unless we overload their box we will struggle to actually create real chances.
  2. Good Start but as we know from the Hearts game it means nothing unless we actually start testing the keeper and putting chances away. Hopefully tonight is the night it finally happens.
  3. Absolutely zero pace in the team makes me think we will struggle unfortunately.
  4. It was a great free kick. McCormack wasn't worth the transfer fees that teams have paid for him but he could definitely have done a job for us had he been given a chance. Can't really call him a success with us though seeing as that free kick was the only thing of worth he had the chance to provide us. *cancel that I just googled it and he did score a tap in against Porto not sure where the idea of a freekick came from
  5. We seem to have a fair few promising youth strikers coming through… Tony Weston Robbie Ure Juan Alegria Ross McAusland Rory Wilson All of them seem to score and impress when given the chance. I think Wilson is the youngest of them but I’ve heard very good things about him. What are the chances any of them break into the 1st team? and if they do are any of them going to turn into a proper quality striker? We haven’t produced one in 30/40 years ffs.
  6. Our team isn’t capable of sitting back and defending a lead.
  7. Fuck me Rangers giving me the fear here. Gonna be shitting myself the remaining 15 minutes.
  8. Some big warning signs there players need to stay switched on and track midfield runners
  9. We need to watch ourselves at the back they are looking slightly more dangerous this half. Dont want to be caught on the break.
  10. Not sure Bacuna is the correct replacement for Wright. I can only assume he doesn’t want Roofe or Sakala on after traveling so far on International Duty.
  11. Poor from Alfie today. Id be tempted for both Roofe & Sakala on for Morelos & Wright.
  12. Balogun has been fantastic for us since his horror show in Europe.
  13. I’d try Sakala in his place in the next 5-10 minutes.
  14. On a side note is anyone else’s RTV coverage only working when you click “Away Team Video” and watch some Hearts TV/SPFL TV shite? When I try to use Home Team Video it comes up with “An error occurred while setting up the player” I’d rather not have to watch another half with their commentators tbh.
  15. Fucking well in John he’s doing a fine job of changing everyone’s minds.
  16. People trying to say Aribo’s challenge was a red are obviously comparing it to Porteous which is nonsense. Aribo’s studs weren’t showing and he went into it with nowhere near the same force that Porteous did.
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