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  1. Sakala really needs to start getting involved in games he comes on and just stands there waiting for the ball to come to him he needs to realise that ain’t gonna work for him at Rangers.
  2. It’s a shame it took for us to go a goal down to starting trying to win the game. The players need a massive boot up the arse after this.
  3. Could still do with Wright on for Roofe to get some more pace on the break.
  4. It’s been long over due from Tav he used to score worldies all the time but he rarely does these days.
  5. Lundstram coming on to give St Johnstone a chance of getting back into it.
  6. Fuck me Lyon is gonna be a struggle with Balogun & Simpson at CB and no other CB’s on the bench.
  7. Shameful that our money has probably set him up for life. He will have earned far more in his short spell at Rangers that the rest of his career/life put together.
  8. O’Halloran is probably my least favourite Rangers player of all time (along with Ian Black)
  9. Never feel confident when we get a penalty to be honest 😂 I feel like it’s a 60% chance of us missing it.
  10. Can someone explain to me why it takes going a goal down to start pressing and actually putting effort it? It’s fucking baffling and incredibly frustrating the players should be ashamed of themselves.
  11. First half of last season we were very good and played some great football. We seemed to have a dip after Christmas but we still managed to grind our results unlike the seasons before.
  12. We need to start the 2nd half with a full high press don’t give them a second on the ball and try to smash a goal or two before our players tire. We look at our best with a high press but we rarely seem to do it anymore.
  13. Not sure how so many people are picking out Kent. Yes he’s out of form but Davis, Morelos, Kamara etc… are playing just as bad as him today. Kent seems like an easy target for some in our support. Not saying he shouldn’t be dropped but let’s not pretend he’s the only one.
  14. Roofe literally the only player with pass marks so far. I was hoping beating the tarriers would kick start our season but I guess not. I fear for us in Europe to be honest.
  15. We beat the tarriers and deservedly so but I wouldn’t say we were anything special in the game. I certainly wouldn’t say we have played any quality football so far this season (Real Madrid game apart for some reason). We seriously need to get back into the rhythm we had last season if we want to win this league.
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