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  1. There is no need for both Davis & Kamara in the middle in games like this. Only problem is Arfield & Lundstram have looked shite so far this season. Could do with Hagi or maybe Bacuna in there.
  2. St Johnstone players literally throwing themselves to the floor and Collum buys it every time.
  3. Not much football getting played so far very scrappy low quality football. The players need to start passing the ball with some speed.
  4. Not even there to support the team just there for a day out and a piss up.
  5. As if Neanderthals are still booing our players taking the knee. At least the majority tried to drown them out.
  6. Also Calvin Bassey is far better than Josh Doig. The idea that people were happy for us to spunk £3+ Million on Doig is mental. Bassey is far better both going forward & defensively based on what I’ve seen in this game. Calvin Ramsey has looked ok (defensively at least) but still nowhere near the level of Patterson or Tav.
  7. Turkey U-21’s equalise against Scotland. Well deserved goal Scotland look shocking, zero technical ability on show. If this is the standard of talent being produced by us then the national team isn’t improving anytime soon. We produce plenty of CM’s & Fullbacks i.e. in positions where it’s more about being part of the team, players can just take the easy option When it comes to the match winners (I.e. the strikers and wingers) we produce sweet fuck all. All the individual talent is being coached out of players in favour of 5 yard back/sideways passes.
  8. The Rangers Websites / Apps are fucking shocking if we are being honest. The idea of user friendly must have been forgotten about when we designed them. They need a complete revamp.
  9. Despite Scotland being 1-0 up they just look technically terrible. They can barley string more than a couple of passes together. Other than our goal they haven’t had any other opportunities. Kelly & Williamson looking pretty poor in the middle tbh. I’m not sure if that the management teams tactics that is causing it? So much for project brave! When they employ absolute dinosaurs to coach any technical/attacking ability out of the players. Doig & Ramsey look ok at fullback but they don’t look anywhere near the level of Patterson or Bassey. The tarriers big hope Montgomery looks pish zero technical ability just gets by on being a big lad at this level. Scotland seriously lack a proper quality attacking midfielder/winger and striker. Kennedy doesn’t seem to have the pace to play there and his technical ability doesn’t seem good enough to overcome his lack of physical attributes. Middleton is decent at this level but he’s never gonna go higher than say English Championship level.
  10. Not sure why they would keep him alive in a coma for 39 years. he may well have had some form of brain function/awareness during that time trapped in a body that cannot move, cannot see, cannot interact that is literally hell on Earth. People who are against Euthanasia are genuinely fucking idiots.
  11. Meanwhile just had a look at some Tartan Army forum and this is the sort of shite they come out with basically it’s all the fault of the English for subjugating Scotland for 300 years😂 But aye there is no anti English feeling in Scotland 🤔
  12. I can honestly see Clarke’s thinking being Moldova are shite we can afford to play an attacking RB but he’ll want O’Donnell the donkey back in to shore things up against Austria 😂
  13. Not sure why Clarke is putting on McGregor? A midfielder that does fuck all.
  14. Clark’s answer in future will be to bring back in the likes of Stephen O’Donnell and Ryan Christie 😂
  15. McGregor is incredibly overrated he just jogs about playing back and sideways passes hardly affecting the game at all, he then scored the odd brilliant shot from outside the box and people are tricked into thinking he is great. After the England game he was getting loads of credit when in reality he did fuck all it was Gilmour that controlled the midfield, McGregor did fuck all. Kenny McLean is also not that good just a bang average CM that belongs at the bottom of the Premier League at best or top end of the Championship. He’s never gonna help Scotland influence things at a high level.
  16. Nothing to do with the board being “willing to risk it” Its obvious we didn’t receive any offers for our players (or at least any half decent officers). We can’t sell when no one try’s to buy.
  17. First half is the worst I’ve seen Davis play for a long time. Second was a big improvement. The most impressive thing is his fitness levels at his age. It allowed him to grow into the game when the likes of McGregor, Turnbull & Christie guys 7-12 years younger tired out.
  18. Hopefully set him well for a good loan spell. Also puts him in the shop window to go to a decent side rather than a diddy side like Livingston.
  19. Shagger needs to donate his 10 birds to McCrorie for tonight.
  20. As if some cunts are leaving before the match is finished genuinely mind boggling.
  21. Fair play to Leon it’s fair to say I (and pretty much everyone else) were completely wrong.
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