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  1. It’s infuriating. If we had done so at the start of the season we may well have got past Malmö and we would have that extra money this season aswell. Instead we settled for dross like Lundstram and we are now suffering the results of our inaction.
  2. If we’re gonna make a sub I’d take Davis off for Bacuna. I know there is more chance of Lundstram or Arfield coming on but if they ain’t gonna improve us Bacuna is at least an unknown quantity.
  3. Has Davis ever scored from a freekick? Usually he does that Float the ball into no one pish.
  4. The board need to push the boat out and find funds for another signing preferably one with a bit of quality. Because our squad is looking seriously stale at the minute. Spending 3 or 4 Million now could make us £30 + million by winning the league.
  5. We just aren’t on form. Balogun has made a few decent tackles but him being at fullback nullifies our typical game. We lack any sort of pace to get at them other than Kent who is off form and making the wrong decisions.
  6. Be aswell leaving Balogun in the changing room and playing with 10 men.
  7. We need to get Kent on the ball more often he’s our only out ball.
  8. We have zero width so our CM’s need to start dominating play otherwise it’s gonna be one way traffic.
  9. I’d feel a lot more confident with Bassey & Patterson at fullback. We seriously lack pace Kent is the ONLY player on the pitch (on our side) with any sort of pace that is a big weakness.
  10. Got very little confidence in getting the win now tbh. I just hope the likes of Kent & Barisic get themselves back into form and just pray that Balogun isn’t quite as shite as the last few times he played at RB.
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