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  1. What’s the likelihood that this Rangers B team would beat McCoists 3rd Division side? They certainly play more attractive football!
  2. Fucking hell wasn’t even taking the piss the all looked young as fuck. that’s even worse 😭
  3. If anyone is watching on RTV the standard of play in this Rangers Ladies Youth game is absolutely horrendous, the Aberdeen GK is on crack. I genuinely think I could turn up hungover and do better than her😂
  4. Let’s be honest Roofe’s challenge intentional or not was a shocker and well deserved the 4 game ban. If it was a challenge against us not a chance anyone would be defending it. You still get people on here who think Oliver Kahn is evil for a challenge on Michael Mols even though he won the ball and was perfectly entitled to go for it.😂
  5. Nothing on the bench either. As the game progresses and the players become more and more tired and get slower we have very few options to change it up.
  6. Yeah I’ve seen Hughes praising Kelly last season and he got plenty of game time but when I checked some shitty Ross County forum none of them seemed to rate him at all saying all he did is pass sideways and never really create anything. Saying that if people are reading this forum at varying times you could probably read that about the likes of Aribo & Davis aswell.
  7. I’ll settle for any sort of win against them to be honest😂 If we manage it then we will well and truly knock the wind out of their sales and I can see them becoming vulnerable again. Their defence is still pretty weak and can be got at.
  8. People writing off McCrorie as he didn’t have the best of loans at Livingston. These people also forget that Stephen Kelly wasn’t rated at all by Ross County fans yet he’s shown up very well for us when given the chance. They also forget that Robby had fantastic loans at Ayr United & Queen of the South winning player of the season. Sometimes loans just don’t work out for players it doesn’t mean they should be written off. McCrorie has always been highly rated as a youngster when he was 16 off he was constantly being linked with the likes of Man Utd/Man City/Liverpool etc… so he obviously has something about him.
  9. Oh great Arfield & Lundstram on at the same time does Gerrard want Ross County to equalise?
  10. If Helander is incapable of playing every game then we need to sign another CB. We simply cannot go into this season with Balogun at the heart of our defence.
  11. Not sure what the fuck their keeper was playing at but I’ll take it!
  12. That certainly won’t be the end of it they will be getting visits from the police and racism charges. Oh and once again the name of the Rangers support will be dragged through the mud by these fucking cunts.
  13. There were a decent amount of people singing add ons to certain songs against Alashkert aswell. Not in the same league as the video being passed around but if FARE had a presence at the game there is every chance we will receive another citation from them. Last time it took a few months to receive the notification so I’ve still got a worry they will target us. People seem to forget that if we get another citation we will be looking at a full stand closure or a full stadium closure. Hopefully due to Covid FARE were not at the game but even if they weren’t you can guarentee they will eventually be back. These large minority of idiots need to shut the fuck up as they are putting themselves and their right to “sing what we want” over the entire support and entire club.
  14. For all the talk of celtic being weak at the back, our defensive stalwarts from last season look just as vulnerable if not more than the scum’s CB’s. I’m not sure why they have been so shite but it’s imperative we get them firing again if we want to win this league.
  15. I don’t understand how is Aribo playing well at CM? According to many on here that’s no possible he’s shite at CM? I was told he’s only capable of being good out wide?
  16. Get In! Lets keep this pressure up Rangers and work on that goal difference.
  17. Just because someone is in the midfield 3 doesn’t mean they have to sit deep.
  18. Can’t agree. Clive sounds like a professional commentator (one who isn’t biased against Rangers like the majority in Scotland) Tom might be a big Rangers fan but sounds like the amateur he is. He also has fuck all knowledge about football and just slavers shite all game. He spends half the game reading texts from his random mates at supporters clubs around the world ffs.
  19. All i'm doing is supporting a Club partner in Nord VPN. For all you know I could have been planning to move my online location to Paris regardless of the Ross County game!
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