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  1. If I want a an answer from VB I will ask one of the organ grinders, not a message boy So it's bye bye from me RM
  2. I quote 'we', I thought you were involved that's why I asked you. Are you involved with it? I have no doubt whatsoever that the VB will do the right thing
  3. You are welcome mate, it's a good cause and we should make sure these fans get the best legal advise RM
  4. For the sake of transparency, which individual is holding the money,when will they release accounts and on what criteria will the funds be distributed? RM
  5. Have you actually thought that you might be putting people off donating with some of your comments RM
  6. As I said, I hope Club 1872 are gathering their thoughts ( that's what I would do ) and if that is the case then Chris will have been asked by the working party not to say anything so they can release a statment from the group, I might be wrong ', who knows, I have no idea why you would elevate mark to that importance RM
  7. I don't know but I would like to think they are waiting a few days to gather their thoughts before saying something, so they will not be accused of knee jerk reactions by the press, There are a few very clever people on the working group for Club 1872, let's see if they say anything RM
  8. I must admit,the few times I have spoken to Chris he has been brand new. I wouldn't listen to people on here as i'm sure most of them haven't even met Chris. It is a bit strange that this thread is about helping fellow Rangers fans, while at the same time having a go at other Rangers fans RM
  9. I think I was barred about 8 times trying to promote RF on FF RM
  10. I have no idea what the problem is with Mark and the VB, if what I heard is true they all used to sit in the same meetings, He should not allow his personal feelings of getting in the way of helping fellow Rangers fans RM
  11. Do you know him? ,as you have clearly stated that he loves no one but himself Who is is old cronies? RM
  12. I think this sums it up and I think I will take a wee holiday from RM as it is full of uber fans who refuse to do anything in public that might bring them attention RM
  13. I'm sure Craig will be doing something about it, but my point is why do so many Rangers fans have a go at him for SOS but then want him to speak for them now, everyone who feels the need to do something should emaill every singl person in the press and people like the SFA You have a voice, use it RM
  14. Nonsense, I know for a fact that Craig had no connections in the press when he started SOS, just pure doggedness and a desire to help is all he had and like him or loathe him he done well. I'm sure it would be easy to get the contact details of everyone in the media if you really wanted to, but I have this feeling that you won't RM
  15. Martin Bain was very underestimated when he was with us RM
  16. Instead oe criticising other people, why don't you organise something RM
  17. Why don't you do something and speak for yourself RM
  18. He was Spurs youngest ever cup final captain and cost us £1.25 million, Soness said he was his best ever signing. I thnk he woul easily get £30 M for him,nearer fifty If PSG were buying RM
  19. It's ham and cheese and about 600 of them and the other 300 eat the pies RM
  20. We will be open, but due to Police visit no one will be allowed in if they appear drunk,even the ones that assure me their mate is brand new, lol We are expecting a police presence between us and the subway RM
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