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  1. That would be fine too .My bedroom window looks away from the hills , and the kids will get used to it.
  2. Sounds like a great idea , I would have a clear view from my garden .
  3. Nuno Capucho .I was delighted when we signed him and even more delighted when he left .
  4. John Brown ,Alec Clelland and Gordon Durie .Also Ted McMinn was always entertaining to watch .
  5. You can understand why Leeds fans were gutted when he left for Anderlecht. And at only 27 years old ,he is in his prime .
  6. The folk from Waterside will be pissed that you are saying it's Kirky
  7. Our next game is against Aspire , who Raja beat 1-0 . Don't know the exact set up , but I expect a draw will get us into the semis.
  8. Merry christmas to everyone on RM and all the Rangers supporters around the world .Hope you and your families have a great day . ps .for breakfast , I had a slice of stollen and a red bull .
  9. AEK Athens , and Liverpool (Walters testimonial )
  10. That's fair enough , but you can blame the board for signing a deal with JB which they legally had to offer SD 1st refusal on. Not doing that has cost the club 500k .That is a shooting offence as far as I am concerned .
  11. My 1st game was in the mid 80,s against Motherwell .Sat in the Copland rd and never sat there again till the Dunfermline game last season .
  12. I remember winning £800 on the Rangers pools ,2 weeks before going to Glastonbury .Was a lot of money in 1990 ,especially when I was still on apprentices wages . Took me a while to recover from that weekend .
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