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  1. I am a member. 1 ticket in basket. Verify bikes or boats to login, then jumps back to login.
  2. What does this mean? "You need to have purchased or have in your basket All MyGers Members before buying this!" Cheers
  3. "Please reload your stream now to watch the second half live on RangersTV. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the first half."
  4. govansw1


    £40 auto renewed 29th march. "Cancellations should be sent in writing to mygers@Rangers.co.uk. Please include your full name and Rangers Number within the e-mail."
  5. govansw1


    Anyone want a MyGers scarf and pin. Joined simply to put cash into club.
  6. 59 got this ticket with minutes to ko
  7. It may have been posted already but this Rod McKenzie guy. Him that let his mask slip at a meeting back in 2012 with Ally McCoist /Charles Green 'you bastards have been cheating us for years'. Maybe he has again been most unprofessional with his loose tongue.
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