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  1. govansw1


    £40 auto renewed 29th march. "Cancellations should be sent in writing to mygers@Rangers.co.uk. Please include your full name and Rangers Number within the e-mail."
  2. govansw1


    Anyone want a MyGers scarf and pin. Joined simply to put cash into club.
  3. 59 got this ticket with minutes to ko
  4. reminds me of tennis player monica seles stabbed
  5. Hi Bru, met you at Ibrox probably a few years ago now. Apologies for my choice of words. Ive quoted Don54 footage above.
  6. With respect. If you were in place for the minute silence you would have seen the extra long huddle, Rangers team and officials in position and gordon not going to the centre circle but going to the goal instead then trotting up after referees whistle. Clearly deliberate. There is footage on here about 13 mins in.
  7. Window 10 doesn't like this link
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