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  1. "new academy staff appointments"
  2. Only an Excuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-dHrt6t4Y4&feature=player_detailpage#t=516
  3. Same here. I'm just a face in the crowd. The best I can do is visit the VB website and donate.
  4. "John Macmillan, general secretary of the Rangers Supporters’ Association" Thought Drew Roberton took over.
  5. What is that hanging from the SJ stand?
  6. haha didn't want to push my luck wi' the c&p.
  7. THE renewal deadline has now passed. However as in previous years renewals will continue to be accepted but your seat may not be guaranteed as we now begin season ticket transfers and then new sales from late June. Please see below for ways to renew your season ticket.
  8. I was told the same roughly ie about 10 days after deadline. TO expect a backlog to deal with.
  9. From Jim Hannah on FB 'I have started a book of condolences for Sandy Jardine, anyone wishing to add their name and a short message can do so. Initially the book will be left at the Argyle House Reception Desk which will be open from Monday - Friday 8.30 am till 5.30pm, I will get later with out of office hours.....'
  10. Despite UoF statement cancelling any protest.
  11. I plan to renew existing GR5 ST before deadline. The day after deadline I intend to upgrade to a better seat that maybe is available due to the threatened boycott. Do you think that at a future date I will be asked to move to accommodate someone who claims that the seat is theirs?
  12. Anyone else sick of the terms 'warring factions', split fan base', 'divided support' etc. With respect it is a handful of a vocal and determined people with hangers on. Out in the real world is where it happens.
  13. It would be good if the Club for this game didn't play music. The team will be presented with the trophy and will do a lap of honour. It will be a sombre occasion. I think between the team, staff and us will create a fitting atmosphere.
  14. Sponsor Nicky Law £945? and a lifetime membership in RangersFirst £500
  15. Beas r us. I don't think RF an BR will be actively working with each other. Both schemes work to cooperative principles. So, neither will work against each other.
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