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  1. Magical goal even though I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the time. genius
  2. Didn’t even know sportscene was on tonight.watching it on catch-up now.thanks for heads up haha
  3. It’s exactly like what Kellie and st mirren did as they failed to adhere to social distancing and failed to wear masks while they were in Dubai.Kennedy even admitted that some slips were made.
  4. Must just be you as I can still bet if I want to
  5. If they can’t field a team because of flouting COVID rules as they did by failing to wear masks and social distance then hits should be awarded the game 3-0
  6. In the end we deserved that and it’s great to see Alfie getting goals again
  7. Allyup


    Class player , class guy
  8. He would make a great James bond doncha think miss moneypenner
  9. It’s blatant and right in front of referees eyes so why he wasn’t punished for that blatant cheating is a mystery. compliance officer should be all over that oh wait!
  10. Only a taig would have a tattoo of grown men waving their bums in the air in a huddle
  11. Agree .we have to be relentless mentally with one game at a time.
  12. Fucking buses,you wait for wan forever and along come 3
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