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  1. No he never .... but he made sure he was never signing for us. scum come in to sign him and parade him in front of packed scum dome as if he was Ronaldo. only to hardly ever to be heard of again whole thing was just a pr stunt by them to supposedly show how superior their finances were .
  2. Meant to say that scott Allan was stuck with a manager who did not have his best long term interests at heart.Stubbs should hang his head in shame.The whole shebang was a pr stunt that only suited the scum and hibs at time to try and belittle Rangers. ultimately it meant nothing.
  3. Personally think he was a very young guy who was caught with a dick of a manager and who was persuaded with big pound signs that ultimately cost him the best of his career.
  4. Ally better than Gazza? maybe as a manager but only because gazza never was one then again neither was ally. as players? Ally superb goalscorer Gazza superb player. question? who would be recognised by fans worldwide who are not Rangers fans
  5. Love tav. He is a class act and class captain.
  6. Love watching the players playing like fans
  7. But look cause A’ll tell ye this boy!!
  8. Very few players would have done that and it puzzles me why he did to be honest,but if he wins a fair play award after the way he is vilified in the Scottish press it would be the most perfect wind up in this crazy season that seems to have been scripted especially to please us bears.
  9. I was absolutely raging with him and the others for potentially putting a spanner in the works of our season.Circumstances have deemed them an apology and a second chance and my god has he taken it and redeemed himself.
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