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  1. Happy with that.we definitely owe them one and am looking forward to knocking them to kingdom come. don’t care who we get in final after that.
  2. This has been a disappointing night but one thing I am taking heart from is the fact that we won the game despite playing second half with 10 men.I Have no doubt that we will qualify and reach the group stages.
  3. It was a great result and we played really well. Exactly the result I was hoping for. Not getting carried away but we are looking good from where I am sitting.
  4. Can’t believe the amount of people celebrating a draw just because it’s against England.Yes we had chances but they missed many more.can’t see us winning against Croatia as can’t see us scoring a goal/ it will be yet another valiant effort from brave little Scotland headlines. it’s getting boring and seriously embarrassing. Wales and Ireland have done it and they are wee er than us. Scotland the bravenots
  5. Aye it’s a just in case scenario.we have been in advanced talks with anyone who is willing to listen to our tale of woe
  6. Fantastic season winning 55 stopping terry Munro and terrific run in Europe with some great results against top European clubs. we just keep improving season by season.truly exciting
  7. Why do they let this guy drivel on absolute nonsense
  8. Bizarre that we have to put up with * unbiased commentators* like him and pay per view channels wonder why people stream illegally
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