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  1. I think it had to happen so many terrible results, watching the game last night was terrible :(
  2. Wow I didn't know that and I've been ST for many many years. Interesting.
  3. Has the dealine not well passed why have they waited surely if they've not paid that's it?
  4. Attendance 6,951 of which 4500 was Gers fans so Motherwell had less than 3000 fans and this was a big game against Rangers how few do they have normally ffs? They could have all moved to one stand and sold the rest to Gers?
  5. This the most SENSE Sutton has ever said I can't believe it, I never thought I would hear Sutton argue in Rangers DEFENCE against that cretin Craigan, wow
  6. When they talk about about the 12th man that was the epitome of it, that ref was the best 12th man Motherwell has ever had. What a joke, the ref is one thing but what was the linesmen doing? Lol
  7. Got to laugh there is only two stewards per whole section of Motherwell fans but on the south stand there's tons and tons of stewards right up in the stands and up the stairs beside the Gers fans, we weren't the ones who went on the pitch. p.s We NEED new defenders code RED!!!!!
  8. "...our defence is terrifying..." It really is. Not in a good way i am disguted that we couldn't get tickets and other people on here looking for tickets and the amount of empty seats in Fir Park. People tuning in to bt sport must think God Scottish football is that bad the stands on the tv are ***** empty. I can't believe after Motherwell complained they weren't playing rangers at home enough and would lose so much money but they don't sell all those empty seats to rangers fans today and get money. They could move the Motherwell fans into one stand and we could have been giv
  9. Thank you I appreciate that. I am all for banter but I think some of the comments really went beyond that.
  10. Definitely Scott Allan Perhaps Lennon too, only he could get sent off on his managerial debut lol
  11. Haha took a bit more when I did it many years ago now. lol I'm sorry anyone who tells you it's easy to get a degree and then a masters degree is a **** joke. I am not sure why I am getting into this ridiculous debate with you guys anyway. I don't need some keyboard troll telling me that it's so easy to get a degree which it's not . That is such an silly thing say. I don't know why I am indulging it. I don't care what you think or your really rude attitudes to many years of hard study and effort I put into those degrees and I am sure many other people also do. Lets get ba
  12. There's many nearby streets but need to get there early to get a space.
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