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  1. Really good interview on RTV, for any subscribers, with the Women's Team's Sports Scientist
  2. Better than a second yellow, appeal and he's available and I reckon it'll be rescinded. As others commented, shouldn't get involved
  3. agreed, it's been done to death but nice to keep it contemporary - well done
  4. It's on RTV for all subscribers but their own commentary and not Andy Walker et all
  5. DR have it up that all 5 charges are in direct response to the Collum situation.
  6. Gerrard's spoke about the whole situation on RTV prior to and following the SFA's decision on Collum's incompetence. It's probably enough to get them in the dock again but why the hell should we act in the best interests of an association that refuse to act in the best interests of all but one of its members. I'd add that every presser following Candeias' Red, SG had to bat off questions about it. The press are cultivating this crap with leading questions at every opportunity.
  7. aye, the Ref that made an arse of it for starters. Charge 2 is bringing the game into disrepute. 3 for impropriety and not acting in the best interests of the association! Charge 4 appears to be for going to CAS and Charge 5 is for breaching Rule 1 whatever that is. All mental!!
  8. Sad news to read. Had the great pleasure of listening to him often on RangersChat and a good man. No Surrender ED
  9. TunnelBear for me - works perfect and knowing my 5.99 goes into the club each match
  10. They make iPhones in China but they aint percieved shoddy. Great to see you back posting ED but we're in a happy place why the conspirtacy nonsense and attacks on the "rancid" board?
  11. well done that man, refreshing to have songs about the current players than regaling tunes of old all the time. The music is fresh and current and I'd like to hear it sung at Ibrox.
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