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  1. Before King we had despair at the hands of chancers.
  2. Have always referred to it as the Main stand and it is. MFN Loyal.
  3. I'm optimistic about the league. I'm pessimistic about Ulster.
  4. Thank you. Brought tears to my eyes thinking of this going round the stadium.
  5. I'm enjoying not being depressed about my team and the league title wait, but I won't move from one game at a time till its over. Its been a long wait and I don't mind waiting a bit longer.
  6. Great picture. The Captain and Tommy, Sandy and probably Doddie? Rangers greats. From an era that it still really meant something to play for the club.
  7. I have no wish to see us helping clubs survive that wanted us dead or supported the cabal that only wish us harm. Most have shown to be more interested in supporting the cabal than doing the right thing for football, so fuck them.
  8. 1977/78 treble winning side. All Scots and would run through walls for the club. Still all Rangers men. Later teams had the big names and more skill, but this is the one I have fondest memories of.
  9. Turned against that disappointing muppet a long time ago. Not sure how many are still 'un-turned'?
  10. Think were more critical and worry as so much is at stake. Every game a cup final.
  11. Squeeky bum not as squeeky as usual. They are no where near our goal.
  12. Win not in doubt. Hope we avoid injury from this scummy dung heap.
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