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  1. Their lack of self awareness is breathtaking. They admit breaking the laws in Dubai - nothing. Frimpong incident with his girlfriend not investigated at all. Our players get 7 matches and 6 with 2 suspended. Their player gets 3. It would be great of we gave him a slap. But unfortunately won't happen.
  2. Arsenal are poor and missing a few players. Really hope they win though.
  3. Big Daisy McHairdoo was decent. A Centre Half who played at Right Back as often as not. Not silky and not a tower of strength but a good Rangers player. Nobody would ever say he was one of our best ever players but never let us down.
  4. If Lewis Ferguson is the answer can you rephrase the question.
  5. I'm not sure about that ? Its Cove Rangers and he'll be back before Tims game. Ita but of a risk.
  6. I have renewed enthusiasm. Played last 3 weekends. Played off 3 in 1988 but very happy with 81 and 82 last 2 rounds. Although I lost the money. Those days are gone. Its not so much 33 years ago as 3 and a half stone ago. New golf bag, new golf shoes going to be purchased and a new set of clubs. Fancy Titleist R400s. The only thing is I can't work out my handicap. It was 9 in old money. Think it could be 11 now ? Depends on the course slope and the tee I play off I think. Must get my head round that.
  7. Huge changes all at once. I suspected Lawwell would go soon. Lennon was hounded out. The Chief Scout leaving is bad news for us but has left enough problems that will haunt them for a bit. To lose their Captain. The Broony !! Is a huge loss whether they like or not. He was the main man. The Alpha male. And a good player. And he actually came out and said he was leaving because of uncertainty over the next coach !!! Wow. 56 is far more likely than unlikely.
  8. The fact that 2 players immediately reacted to the comment. Reported it immediately. And havent changed their story would be sufficient in a Civil Court. In a Criminal Court with a different standard and higher level of proof required and a QC defending him. Accents, sounded like it but wasn't. Not so sure. Not even sure it would get to Court.
  9. I just don't think that's what we should be doing. At all.
  10. OK we'll see what comes out of the UEFA investigation. They do seem to be hanging their hat on it. I personally think a roughhouse push/shove incident rather than a haymaker but we'll see.
  11. 1. Letting off fireworks the night before was pish behaviour and I am embarrassed. 2. Roofe did not try to hurt the keeper. But sending off was justified. The chat from them is bullish!t. 3. The Czech obviously racially abused Kamara. 2 players reacted immediately, reported immediately and have kept to their story. 4. Its looking like Kamara punched/attacked/roughhoused him. 5. The Czechs are playing a game. Not a clever one I think. 6. As I said earlier. Kamara 3 game ban. Roofe 3 game ban. Czech player 6 games with 3 suspended.Both clubs fined. 7. Will Willie Hi
  12. Unless they are being very stupid !!!! It does look like Kamara bopped him one. No evidence of racism ? 2 players reacted immediately to the racist comment. Reported it immediately. And havent changed their story. Kamara wil gets a 3 game ban ? He will get 6 matches with 3 suspended ? Has Balogun been accused of something ? Both clubs fined.
  13. Morelos would get a ban for that. Fair play to Bale.
  14. The Czechs aren't letting Roofe's tackle go !!! In fairness it really wasn't pretty but there was no malice. Is it too late for Roofe to be given an additional ban other than one match? The Czechs realise that it doesn't matter what we think. Its what their own fans think and they have been manipulated. The Tim journalist is an @rsehole. The lack of professionalism in Scottish journalism is breathtaking. No shame whatsoever. Next few weeks will be interesting.
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