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  1. Hanx - Stiff Little Fingers- blew my mind away then and still love it today .
  2. Wife's friend is on a facebook page to talk about hairstyles. She said a black girls curly hair was lovely. The black girl took it very badly and pretty much accused her if racism. So she left the site.
  3. Defo. Even the wife commented on how much better it is.
  4. Did they not just sign somebody ?
  5. I am involved with a FC that has 15 teams. Our 2004s have a young lad who has decided pro youth isnt for him. In fact he told me he knows he realises he wont make it as a pro and he wants to drop to a level where he can play every week. His parents are about to pay £500 to get him released.
  6. Aggressive and dominating physically wont happen unfortunately. We need more shots on target.
  7. They will play ugly. I will see the team sheet and be disappointed we havent played more attacking players. I'll turn to the wife and tell her that the definition of madness is to do the same thing time after time and expect a different outcome and she'll roll her eyes. 2 0 win for us.
  8. Oddly enough I watched the away match v St Joseph's at Plymouth RSC last year.
  9. Hi guys. Where can I see game tomorrow ? Facebooked Tyneside RSC and they havent responded. Are they still in Prince Consort Road in Gateshead. And will they show match ?
  10. Yep. What a difference. We have a squad and are likely to add to it.
  11. Arfield has realised he isnt a first pick and he needs to raise his game. And he did today.
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