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  1. Win next 2 matches v Motherwell and Ross County then take stock. Maybe play younger lads.
  2. My pal is clear that Rangers won't be declared Champions this season. He is a Stirling Albion fan. Doncaster didn't have to say that. He mentions 75% of games completed last season. That's not a rule. Nothing would surprise me.
  3. Our lead could be right down to 18 points before we play on Sunday. Worrying times 😀
  4. On a scheduled flight. No bubble there
  5. Duffy is playing. Did he get a scheduled flight back from Dubai ?
  6. Mon the Gers. Just score one more than them. Team out in 20 minutes
  7. Didnt realise BDO had gone tits up.
  8. Gutted. Daft challenge but not the point.
  9. I cant believe I'm saying this but a win puts us 22 points ahead. Yep they will have 4 games but they need to win them.
  10. Beyond a joke. If you didnt know you wouldn't admit it. Unprofessional.
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