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  1. He used to come into our work selling electrical goods.
  2. They were formed in 1887. They dont know where 1888 came from. The club wasn't formed to feed the east end. Although they did some form of penny meals. A bit like Dundee Utd do now. The sum of the myths exceeds the sum of the club.
  3. He won't back down. He'll double down. Its in his DNA
  4. Lawwells house almost totally destroyed in a fire bomb attack. I've seen pics. F@ckin wow!!!
  5. This is mad. I'm now starting to believe there was no "inappropriate" singing. No video evidence and no fans saying it happened.
  6. Town centre is like Beirut. I go to my local and don't venture up the town.
  7. The Police will never come out and say there was no Sectarian singing from players. I believe they will say they "can't prove" there was inappropriate singing.
  8. The Stirling Observer ran a story a couple of years ago about an Irish Republican march meeting up with SNP march outside Robert Bruce Statue in Bannockburn and fisticuffs ensued. Republicans claimed sectarian violence against them by SNP crowd. I am IT illiterate and won't be able to find the story
  9. No you don't. Your first comment to me was to tell me to fuck off You've tried all night trying to wind me up. Now this. You're a 2 bit bully. Not a good one
  10. The video is clear. Why the hell didn't the club just deny it in the strongest terms. Get Defoe out there for 5pm news. Handled very badly.
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