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  1. I support Rangers and will vote for who I want. It just happens it won't ever be SNP. Their behaviour recently has reinforced this. SNP have so many politicians in Scotland that the pool of talent in one Party could never be that deep but they have some really dangerous, talentless, odious individuals. I am surprised, nevertheless that there is no control mechanism within SNP which in effect condones and encourages their behaviour. I think we live in potentially dangerous times.
  2. This is not something we should ignore. Devine has the ear of government. The Club "must" respond.
  3. OK I'll give you that. In fact good point
  4. No that's not the point. Our club had to act.
  5. The Club had no option. Irrespective of the arguments there was only one outcome. I have to ask what the hell they were thinking singing that song in front of the Police. Some will have a police record for a hate crime and their lives will be affected for potentially years to come. We can argue about whether it's a hate crime or not on here. Unless they have good lawyers that's what it will be called.
  6. Portuguese, Russian and Turkish windows still open for another week or so I think. I'm happy to keep our players. No guarantee they have upgraded yet. They have lost 4/5 away matches.
  7. Not sure if I'm going to the pub or watching it in the house. Our % win rate when I go to the pub us poor.
  8. They lost at the weekend but rested 9 players. We'll should still pump them.
  9. I've still got the first lilac kit from 1993/94 ish.
  10. A commentator on Five Live I think it was Charlie Mulgrew at about 2.30 was clear. celtic fans inspire the team and are well known for it particularly on Champions League nights. Rangers players have admitted that they thought playing in empty stadiums helped them as it took the pressure off !!! Is that the case, have some of our players admitted that ?
  11. Just been into the Bookies to put a lucky 15 on for 4 English leagues and the guy who took my money is an Astin Villa fan from Birmingham and his pal lives on the same street as Grealish. Grealish folks have told his pals folks that there is no way he is leaving Villa. So that puts an end to that. For the record my 4 choices are Prem - Man Utd. Champ- Bournemouth. League 1 - Ipswich. League 2 - Bradford.
  12. Dalziel and Hannah are an embarrassment to broadcasting. Seriously is that the best they could get ?
  13. In another era Murray would have far more Slams
  14. According to my son. So it must be true !!! He got 2 weeks off which he spent with his family in Colombia. He is now on his way home to give himself time to self isolate before European match ? Will he be match fit I suppose but he was due a break.
  15. OK I have read this for an hour or so now. I still don't understand.
  16. We did. I have supported Irvine Meadow ever since despite living 70 or so miles away. Just loved the name. Been to loads of games.
  17. Tyneside True Blues are a good bunch. Meet in a bowling club in Gateshead. Cheap beer too. Me and the wife watched the way match v St Joseph's there.
  18. Pals a Maryhill Magyar fan and he is one of 200 of them got tickets for game at Kelty yesterday.
  19. First time I saw us beat Them in the flesh. Had been to a few !!!
  20. He used to come into our work selling electrical goods.
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