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  1. Must admit I hate typing these type of posts but I took a break from here for a long time, at that time DK wasn't a favourite on here for many. Good to see it's been realised what he done for us. He had his faults but I remember just before Advocaat took over and we posted a bank debt of £20 million he called out minty, then that cunt doubled down and took us upto a ridiculous amount of debt. The warning signs were there and he was right. He stood upto all the legal shite and saw it through.
  2. Livi must be disappointed with that. Could have won it
  3. Right I'm a bit of a paranoid chap, I actually don't like everyone talking about we've already won it. If we're still in this position or better at the start of feb then aye I'll believe it.
  4. I had to turn that off, his sneeting face gives me the creeps. Thinks he's intelligent and he isn't
  5. That's not what I meant, I mean from now. They'll want their clusterfuck of a season to disappear, thinking their 10 is still on and we don't win the league, forgetting the irony of last season
  6. I was sceptical about this before but now I'm convinced they'll do all they can to get this season null and voided
  7. Duffy again eh? Oh the banter
  8. any vids of the goal? i switched it off when the cunts scored
  9. Fuck watching anymore of this shite now. I'll get my updates from here. Going against the grain but it did look like a foul. Hibs are a poor team and their support should ask why they only turn up against us Keeper caused that, shite clearance to the scum
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