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  1. I fell asleep on the couch waking up with the cameras on it and their commentary. No excuses for showing. Like everyone else it was distressing to watch and it didn't need to be broadcast, more for the family and friends than the rest of the onlooking world So happy he was saved and hopefully on to live a long life
  2. No but you're getting all the advert revenue for everyone visiting your site
  3. I'm not trying to be argumentative but that's just a subjective perspective, there's no evidence of what you're saying. I could make the opposition that it's not in investors interests to alienate the majority source of income into the club. I am sure they have their own interests but it seems to go against what many of the directors have been saying.
  4. Any evidence of this or a background why you've said this? Not doubting but it seems a very significant quote
  5. Locked now, couldn't handle the truths. Wonder how many people the prick banned?
  6. I'm laughing at the wee scorned lassie all upset as he's been "banned". The club1872 issues are a different matter, they've been there for a while, I think I'm still a legacy member but stopped contributing a long time ago as I knew how it would go. But the hypocrisy of Dingwall moaning it being undemocratic!! He runs the (sorry to say) busiest Rangers forum there is, treats everyone with contempt and him and his mods ban anyone for the most tenuous of reasons. At the same time he takes from the club and support every privilege he can get, giving nothing back. Free day out at Ibrox as a reporter when no one else can go and posts pictures of his sandwich. You reap what you sow
  7. Amazing, we are the best support in the world. We can be arseholes at times and criticize too much because we expect so much but with what we've went through these last 10, even 20 years, we've stuck by through and through
  8. We didn't look up for that at all. St johnstone looked quicker to the ball and more athletic, no excuses. Roofe was anonymous again, unfair to pick just him out as there were a few others that done f all. But come on to fuck, letting their keeper get a free header in the last minute of ET?
  9. Defence was woeful there and should have had enough in them to keep 1-0. A free header for the goalie FFS
  10. All I could find was pro evo replays but I think this is it
  11. Only reason I'm watching this shite is because of covid.
  12. wank wank wank wank wank wank wank good guy wank wank good guy wank good guy good guy wank wank wank wank wank wank good guy wank good guy that sounds a bit like michael barrymore's friday night in
  13. Definitely the sign of an innocent man. Cowardly scumbag
  14. I've wondered why we haven't reported a hate crime to police scotland, thought it might have been because it was under UEFA's "jurisdiction"
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