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  1. Stop saying i am trolling and debate with me properly, if not, just ignore me. The games themselves are not meaningless, far from it but in the grand scheme of Rangers Football Club, it's honours, victories, ambitions and expectations, winning the SFL3 title is about as minor as it gets.
  2. Actually if you read the thread you will see i am being very patient with the lynch mob and have done nothing wrong.
  3. Blackmail is illegal, we were obviously not blackmailed.
  4. Don't be silly. Near death? C'mon now. Dying was never an option for this institution. There is just something not right about celebrating such an easy competition. It won't even be classed as a major honour by the club itself.
  5. It clearly doesn't matter. Time doesn't stand still.
  6. Not paying PAYE/NICs, going into administration, having to start a newco.......we can't do stuff like that and expect not to be demoted.
  7. Sort yourself out. Why have you ignored Alexander, Perry, Cribari, Wallace, Argyriou, Black, Hutton, Shiels, Sandaza, Kyle, McCulloch, Templeton, Little, Faure and Cole? Maybe because they are all 21 or over and make up almost 80% of our squad! Only MacLeod and arguably McKay are regular starters from those you mentioned. Hegarty has been getting game due to more experienced players being injured.
  8. Which led to.......everything else, meaning there was never any chance we could have stayed in the top flight. What did fans want the authorities to say? "Oh it's ok Craig Whyte's a crook, it is all his fault so we will let you off with this and that and, oh here, just stay in the SPL as well, everything is fine and best of luck for the future." ? Get a fucking grip.
  9. You are out because you cannot back up a stupid statement made by another member which you agreed with. It was a blatant lie.
  10. You answered nothing. We had no right to expect to stay in the top flight after everything that went on at the club.
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