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  1. you don't think we should celebrate winning the league, you think we deserved to be punished, you're abusing ''fellow'' fans.

    Only one way to call this.

    You are a dirty rotten scumbag that supports the UK's worst club. The club that was literally founded for tramps, the club that is always cheated never defeated, the club that is managed by a woman harassing, orange bastard hating ned, the club that has no shame, the club the covered up years of child abuse.

    You are a filthy celtic fan.

    Now fuck off back to wherever the fuck yor mum abandoned you.

    This is getting ridiculous. Grow up.

  2. And still he trolls.....

    Do you go to the games? If so,why do you go if its so meaningless?

    Stop saying i am trolling and debate with me properly, if not, just ignore me. (tu)

    The games themselves are not meaningless, far from it but in the grand scheme of Rangers Football Club, it's honours, victories, ambitions and expectations, winning the SFL3 title is about as minor as it gets.

  3. perhaps or perhaps not no rules were in place at the time. one thing i did expect is, especially since sfa accepted and passed whyte on the fit and proper persons test, as soon as it was announced whyte's takeover was being investigated, natural justice would dictate further punishment would be put on hold until it was clear whether we were victims of a crime.

    so as far as i am concerned you can think what you like, call folk wanks etc i will continue to call you a troll.


  4. Damn right, what should we do sit and cry about not being in the sphell? Allys first trophy as manager, the first trophy of the Charles Green era, the first trophy since admin and near death, i think it deserves celebrating extra hard.

    Don't be silly. :D Near death? C'mon now. Dying was never an option for this institution. There is just something not right about celebrating such an easy competition. It won't even be classed as a major honour by the club itself.

  5. you can't be a rangers fan with a comment like that. What ages are mcleod, mckay, Crawford, hegerty aird etc....

    Sort yourself out. Why have you ignored Alexander, Perry, Cribari, Wallace, Argyriou, Black, Hutton, Shiels, Sandaza, Kyle, McCulloch, Templeton, Little, Faure and Cole? Maybe because they are all 21 or over and make up almost 80% of our squad!

    Only MacLeod and arguably McKay are regular starters from those you mentioned. Hegarty has been getting game due to more experienced players being injured.

  6. Everything that went on,wtf?

    Until the Bug-Eyed one failed to pay our NIC's we had done fuck all wrong........Breaking News-Gers found "Not guilty" in BTC

    Which led to.......everything else, meaning there was never any chance we could have stayed in the top flight. What did fans want the authorities to say? "Oh it's ok Craig Whyte's a crook, it is all his fault so we will let you off with this and that and, oh here, just stay in the SPL as well, everything is fine and best of luck for the future." ? Get a fucking grip.

  7. i did answer your fucking question. whyte cheated us, the spl and sfa tried to blackmail us to accept title stripping to get our membership transfer, the same bodies succeded in blackmailing us to accept an illegal transfer embargo. they are re-writing rules using selliks lawyers to do so to put us over a barrel.

    i would call all of the above cheating.

    to answer another question yes we deserved to bepunished. 10 point penalty, fines, etc. getting accused of crimes 'almost as bad as match fixing' nah sorry EC hearts were failing to pay players and taxes long before ud, no accusations there. so once again one rule for us at the time another rules for others so once again yes cheated.

    You answered nothing. We had no right to expect to stay in the top flight after everything that went on at the club.

  8. OK to appease you and Manticore please see my last post. Does that help.

    And regarding "word usage", your use of the word "wank" is hypocritical considering you were complaining of name calling only a few posts ago.

    Original point still stands. This season we have been forced into playing youth players, no denying it.

    No Jamie, it doesn't, i knew exactly what you meant. I didn't pull you up for it, i paid you the courtesy of replying to you without mentioning your mistake. (tu)

    I wasn't complaining about name calling as such, i was calling someone out for doing it as a deflection instead of answering an easy question.

    That was not the original point. You have completely changed it to suit you. :lol:

  9. Why can you not debate in a proper manner?

    If people want to act like idiots then they will be in turn treated like, well, idiots. It's others who have a problem answering simple questions, even backing up their own points is hard for them. Now, can you tell us all on dummiesoots behalf, because you clearly believe what he said was true, in what way we were "cheated out of a higher level of football"?

  10. Norgerpd didn't say the first choice 11 is full of kids.

    You do know that at times this season there's been 9 former youth games involved in a single match? What number of kids would quantify the use of the word "full" for you?

    He said "babies" If you want to be a wank about word usage then he and you are talking shite, "babies" is a ridiculous word to use and "full", full is full, it explains itself. Also, no one mentioned "former" youths. Ross Perry is a "former" youth but he isn't a kid, he became an adult 5 years ago ffs.

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