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  1. Barkas has the shortest sleeves ever for his tiny wee dinosaur arms.
  2. I fell for it too mate as it's right up their street, had a good laugh after clicking the link though.
  3. It's a wind up mate, click on the link and it takes you to the story about them being reminded to wash.
  4. Wish we played them last Tuesday on that showing.
  5. 2800 booing twice as loud as 20k though
  6. Maybe the SG will get the police to investigate.
  7. Sounds very much like " That's that wee H** clueless cunt"
  8. Shame it wasn't a Scottish pundit.
  9. Thanks. Her Facebook friends raised over 5k for her, she survived 9months ALL Pro B. Sorry to hear about your wife too. Your kid will get you through it, they're tougher than us.
  10. Thoughts are with you in your fight against this horrible disease. Lost my 33 year old wife to it and was left with a 3 year old and 2 teenage stepsons at 50 year old. Donation heading your way, stay strong mate. It was seven years ago and they've made huge strides since as I always keep an eye on developments. She would have got cured today.
  11. Fancy a cxxxxc tattoo or just the wee bird?
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