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  1. I thought biscuit tins were a thing of the past.
  2. Must be true, your mickey mate will be a financial expert. Choose your friends and leisure activities with more consideration.
  3. Best article I've read in a long time, Gazza really was something special and this article captures the rollercoaster journey of a true entertainer.
  4. I think this is the real reason as the manky fenians turned the water black and as they're greasy oily cunts their blood floated on the surface instead of mixing with the water.
  5. They even count war time goals scored for but don't count goals against, shows the extent they will go to.
  6. Get Boris to drop in as well. 120801BorisZipwire-16x9.mp4
  7. I'm hoping it all comes crashing down, football has suffered and went downhill since live tv was introduced.
  8. Exciting stuff from DP, wonder if he's got a home in Florida
  9. The boys will do their talking in court soon hopefully.
  10. It's no better than McLennans self constructed Q and A
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