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  1. Some people start threads just for likes, others start them just for the blue pound.
  2. Winning it at their midden sounds good, at least the ref won't get pelted with coins, attacked by scum or bodies jumping off the top tier unless tlb finally totally loses it.
  3. McDonald's were known to contribute money to the ira in America in the 70's and 80's and their burgers and chips are shite compared to BK.
  4. I don't mind adverts around the pitch but these flashing leds can be very distracting especially when it's a moving image like a car driving up the touchline, there was even one last season with a bouncing ball.
  5. RIP a true hero and inspiration to us all. It's a tribute thread and people arguing about the rights and wrongs should start another thread elsewhere.
  6. Hate the idea that wee nippy has the say in anything to do with us.
  7. Total timplosion when they invest their compo in our club.
  8. I can see the tarriers trying to influence that the SC be cancelled this year due to covid and the fact they have no chance of winning it.
  9. It would be if they had a team and support capable of bringing the Roofe down.
  10. The temporary props which hold up the roof won't need removed for matches next season as the top tier will be closed.
  11. He was financial director back then and signed off the 1M deal with Torbetts Trophy Centre.
  12. Tarriers hiding in the Campsies with rpg's, well they did light fires there for the Germans to bomb Clydebank.
  13. Couldn't get rtv so reluctantly watched sky up until ht, watched the second half on a Polish stream to avoid the cunts.
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