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  1. Very stupid thing to do and doesn't even make sense as it looks like their lion is going to swallow RFC, must have been the dark side.
  2. Well worth the watch, even just for the closing line.
  3. Care in the community should exclude the use of the internet.
  4. That's horrible mate, hopefully justice is stronger now. Ten years ago I lost my best mate to a drink driver who fell asleep, he got 5 years 5 months. Hopefully the sentence is longer now.
  5. Not really a fan of having republican scum in our stadium.
  6. Hit and run yet he's walking the street already.
  7. Tough game Stevie They asked us a few questions, That's why we're champions That's why we're champions.
  8. Before legal he was company secretary in 2013, wonder if he signed some dodgy cheques like Lawell.
  9. Tidy bit of stuff, used to have a thing for big Jasmine until she started pumping oot the waens.
  10. That'll go down well with their shitey support at a local derby.
  11. Excellent, I was going to complain as well but don't pay the license, think I'll complain anyway and claim I stopped paying it when they employed the biased prick. I already told one of their goons similar about their treatment of our club and lack of coverage.
  12. The stringent tests have been fast tracked / bypassed regarding this vaccine.
  13. No chance she would have got the advert if she still was. They used to accuse us of jobs for the boys.
  14. Very apt that the photo used is at an independence rally, as a known supporter of the snp questions need asked as to how she got the advert gig.
  15. You're about as funny as your namesake.
  16. It's on the fist page so hard to ignore, I'll just ignore you instead.
  17. Thread shouldn't be here, end off.
  18. I have every right to be here unlike this thread. My son is probably more educated than you and won't be playing kids games at 60.
  19. My 10 yo son disagrees with this. Shouldn't be in the Champions Den.
  20. Get this shite into the kids section. Admin
  21. I Was not allowed to eat in at Burger King without a QR code, had to fill out a form instead. The que behind me wasn't pleased either.
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