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  1. He's ovbiously being looked at as a left midfielder,most of the experts on here probably havn't seen him play for 5-6 years. From his time at Norwich and Cardiff (which isn't ''nowhere'') I guarentee his final ball is better than what we have.
  2. This. 30-40 crosses in yesterday and not one hit Boyd, his work-rate (and Miller's ) was excellent, the delivery was a disgrace.
  3. Coaching wide players to cross should be reserved for an under 12's side, if they've got to this level and cant provide consistent delivery there is a real problem.
  4. Everyone will find their own scapegoat today,but we lost that match because of a disgraceful lack of quality service to Boyd and Miller. We must have played 30-40 crosses in today and didn't find Boyd once, this isn't just today, but v Hibs and the whole pre-season too. It's like having a revolver without a working trigger,needs sorted now with a winger who can actually cross a ball being brought to the club.
  5. People forget that green was the man who handed the outrageous contracts to Shiels, Kyle, Sandaza and Cribari etc that put us in this mess.
  6. He didn't sit out any games unfortunately because he wasn't registered,you have to be registered for a competition to serve the suspension to stop players from serving suspensions whilst at other clubs who may not even be in the competition Lawell showing again that good paperwork beats actually investing any money in his own team every time.....
  7. Anyone who thinks that Ally doesn't know what the majority at Ibrox think of him is naive in the extreme, but he's determined to take the club he loves back to the top. He doesn't do walking away.
  8. Much worse, they were formidable under Butcher, now play a short passing style which doesn't suit the players they have at the club.
  9. Ronny Delia may be a great example as to why we should keep McCoist, tipped as an upcoming young managerial superstar, with ''new coaching ideas and vision'' whilst incorporating ''youth''. These things take time and investment and I don't see this happening at Rangers, I'd rather see us playing poor football and winning than one we're not capable of and losing.
  10. Auld lang syne brought a tear to my eye, with saltires flying everywhere, and the Hampden crowd joined hand in hand. Scotland then, Scotland now, Scotland forever
  11. To be fair it's the Scottish government shilling, the UK government paid for the majority of the Manchester games but gave nothing for Glasgow.
  12. They signed Scott Allen and Farid El Alagui (both strong seasons) they also got a keeper in from Hull on loan whom I don't know much about. They've beaten Berwick Rangers & Vale of Leithen 4-0, Stirling Albion 2-0,drawn with Dunfermline & East Fife (0-0_ and were beaten 1-0 by Dundee United.
  13. Derby have a much better football team, they have a bigger budget, better players and consistently play at a higher level than we have in the last 2 seasons. People need to remember it's the Scottish Championship we need to win, not the English one.
  14. What Naismith and Whittaker said will never be forgotten,I'll never forgive the. but I think (for players like McGregor) bad advice from agents looking to take a bigger fee and genuine misinformation from administrators assured transfer fees were an impossibility.
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