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  1. Just found the home top on Amazon for 60 quid in sizes s, m and l and available for delivery between the 4th and 8th of July
  2. King would do a lot better if he lifted his head from time to time
  3. He was always played out wide which he didn't have the pace for and it was obvious to everyone except the manager his best position was playing behind the striker
  4. Surely he must go now or are the fans the only ones that see this
  5. A so called rangers legend lowering himself and the team to this sort of standard is fucking atrocious and should be dealt with immediately by whoever the main shot caller is .
  6. A so called rangers legend lowering himself and the team t
  7. Just think he'll bring boab malcom in as his no2 as well , thanks but no thanks
  8. Anyone seen atletico fans banner , got to love it . Not got a pic but it says football is for men , fuck Billy McNeill
  9. Hopefully one of the kits are out before the start of July cos I'm off on holiday and want to buy me and junior one each from the shop at the airport
  10. Too defensive , no gameplan , Daly is rotten and has been for months now although not the only one and this team can't manage basics like stringing 3 to 5 passes together . Ally is destroying our club and it needs addressed as soon as . Let's hear what he has to say after that display .
  11. Gotta be Goram, then Klos after that Woods and the one that walked away .
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