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  1. Some lads just look as though they are thick as pig shit. Jones falls into that group sadly.
  2. He has as much right as everyone else to enjoy himself, good on him.
  3. Stupid boy who needs to grow up quickly and recover well to have a future at the club
  4. Cops just waited outside the building site they’re all working in. Simple really😂😂
  5. The players don’t get them all for free mate. They have to buy them as well. Only get a couple of comps each.
  6. Hope all goes well with your family mate
  7. Guy makes Platini look like a fine upstanding reputable guy
  8. A fucking joke of a pundit. Any excuse to put the boot in. Arsehole
  9. Man U right back is awesome
  10. Breast served😀, canny wait now😂😂
  11. Thanks mate, looking forward to it
  12. Going to Davie Cooper suite for the Tims game. Never been hospitality for 12 kick off. Can’t really find anything online or on club website as to timings etc. Anyone been and know the script? Cheers
  13. If there was any truth in him as a target he is out for start of season and possibly for a month.
  14. Not got my glasses on😂😂 Admin please remove
  15. Welcome to our club son, good luck
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