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  1. Fuck sake, last week it was Communism, make up your mind Davie!
  2. Dave himself, is a RM genetic experiment IMO.
  3. He's had a few crackers, Communist takeover this time next year is up there as well. Dave Whelan aka Wolfie Smith.
  4. You shouldn't be allowed out without your carer anyway, Vladimir ...
  5. Thank fuck Supporters are encouraged to arrive with a hard copy of their vaccine certificate, however digital copies will also be accepted. Visitors from all parts of the UK will be able to use their existing vaccine certificates.
  6. Watched it on Sportscene and thought the same, shocker of a challenge. Funny though as well, more injuries the better ...
  7. A Covid outbreak and fat Angie will end up having to put boots on ffs It'll happen as well, every club will have players testing positive this season.
  8. About to watch it on Sportscene, and laugh ...
  9. Just read the Arabs had a 16 year old in defence as well
  10. October will see a total collapse, bed sheets all over the place, antiboard protests, Fritzle being dismissive of them, fat Angie hounded, Strachan brought in to consolidate 2nd. Enjoy the show ...
  11. Fat Angie's gonna need a bigger boat!
  12. Fury will just be too aggressive and over power him, that's how you beat him.
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