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  1. In my exuberance, changed it now
  2. I think it'll be the closest i'll come to a relapse, a few lines and get drunk as fuck in near 20 years clean and sober
  3. Go on John, fucking mince alright, shambolic
  4. I'll be disappointed as fuck if they're not out protesting by now!
  5. Aye, i thought if Lennon stayed they might collapse in Feb. Oh how i was wrong
  6. At least Murty could do headstands!
  7. Sitting waiting on the latest memes and kerryfail Fuck sake, spare a thought for poor @BridgeIsBlue who will have another 60 pages to catch up on by the time he's back logged on!
  8. Vast majority of the taig team today are current first team players. They are a fucking shambles, both on and off the pitch! 23 points the mora please!
  9. Hahahahaha Man the barricades! Dubai Loyal
  10. Celtic: Hazard, Duffy, Bitton, Ralston, Laxalt, Frimpong, Soro, McGregor, Rogic, Rogic, Johnston. Substitutes: Doohan, Taylor, Connell, Robertson, Okoflex, Henderson, Harper, Welsh, Dembele. Livingston: Stryjek, Brown, Ambrose, Guthrie, Devlin, Bartley, Sibbald, Lawson, Pittman, Mullin, Robinson. Substitutes: McCrorie, McMillan, Taylor-Sinclair, Fitzwater, Serrano, Forrest, Emmanuel-Thomas, Tiffoney, Hamilton.
  11. Livi have had 8 straight wins, and only two goals conceded. If they can't beat Covid FC today, then they never will. That said, fancy a draw, flying barricades all night
  12. From champions to a battle for second? Having arrived back from Dubai on Friday, Celtic soon found themselves in the eye of a storm. On Sunday they reported a player - later confirmed as injured defender Jullien - had contracted coronavirus. And on Monday a further 13 squad members as well as manager Neil Lennon and his assistant Kennedy were told to quarantine. Yet thanks to David Turnbull's sublime free-kick the champions' much-changed side were just three minutes away from victory over Hibs on Monday evening before familiar flaws resurfaced and a poorly defended set-piece cost an
  13. The same people were in a frenzy a few days ago over some rumour that Celtic had loads more positive cases, also Hibs after playing them. That apparently was going to get the league stopped. So from a rumour, that wasn't even true, the jump was made straight to league stopped, null and void, people loosing their shit.
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