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  1. As for incoming Celtic chief executive Dominic McKay, he says that he has been "struck by Ange's passion for Celtic".
  2. I had emaled them a week ago, they sent back below. Though i never mentioned it doesn't show on Shop app. I'll wait until the 14th, then if nothing will send another saying it's 2 weeks, and can they check the order number as well.
  3. For me just says - No orders were found with the word #RFC*******
  4. The order number that starts with - #RFC?
  5. Same, i put in the order number, but it doesn't even recognise it.
  6. Still fucking waiting. Regards Scunnered in London
  7. Hi *******, Many thanks for your email. All 2nd batch Pre Order Champion Shirts were advertised as dispatched from the 1st June. We can confirm all orders are being picked and packed in our warehouse. Once your order has left the warehouse, you will receive an email along with your tracking details. Thank you very much for your patience and support! We hope you have a lovely day. Kind Regards, The Rangers Team #BETTERNEVERSTOPS Website: www.shop.rangers.co.uk Castore queries: concierge@castore.co.uk
  8. Things definitely looking up for them, George Michael's brother looks like a done deal, and the Republic holding the mighty Andorra 0-0 at HT, which is a huge improvement to getting chinned by the equally mighty Luxembourg.
  9. I fucking hate Hermes, hoping it would be Royal Mail. Just emailed them to that - concierge@rangersstore.co.uk
  10. How do you know, did Hermes contact you?
  11. 'your items are being prepared and due out for delivery from 1ST JUNE. Note this order is part of the 2nd batch of Champions Shirts' From, so could be whenever ...
  12. 2nd batch, still waiting ...
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