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  1. 2nd half against Milan was the best ever defeat on record apart from the tanking by Bayern reserves. Today was the fault of the Ref and his 'baffling' decisions.
  2. No chance he's getting sacked even if they lost today and Thursday. Need a domestic collapse, and if that happened we would be well in front, too far to be caught if we keep playing as now.
  3. Certainly can't see it before Xmas unless there's a total collapse. They just show themselves up to be the pricks they are, we are all Neil Lennon ends up in fuck off Neil Lennon, if you were a Celtic man you would go.
  4. We can go 9 points clear next weekend, and the sheep will have a lot more confidence going into the Cup Semi. Plus, when you look at their games away to Lille and all of November, hard aul ticket
  5. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/6200133/celtic-fans-lennon-out-concede-equaliser-aberdeen/ CELTIC fans have called for Neil Lennon to be SACKED after his side conceded a dramatic late equaliser to Aberdeen.
  6. 2 -0 up and cruising, and our 3 main, fit strikers on the bench! That's where we are now, and great having a big decent squad.
  7. Was a cert! Guarantee if you go on to their sites they'll be calling Collum a cheat, Operation Stop Ten in a Row or whatever pish. Then you have the same from some in our support. It's embarrassing, fact is Scottish Refs are shite, that's the issue.
  8. What a fucking goal!!!!!! And listen, we have Morelos, Roofe and Itten fit and on the bench! We're flying, and a great squad the now!
  9. Lemon's post match interview will be telling
  10. They'll be wanting Pouch, and end up with Strachan
  11. Their forum's and Kerryfail will be quality about now, even more when we get 3 points
  12. Fuck up ya fucking eejit and dry your eyes. Cringworthy!
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