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  1. Showed some passion Great to see all the same, and good to see Jack getting a bit of form back.
  2. Siam69


    If he was in the form of this time last season, we'd be winning games by 2 or 3 goals. I honestly think if he hits form, we'll win the league. But, i also think he needed benched at the moment for a game or two, bring on as sub or whatever. We have ready replacements, and see if he can sort himself out.
  3. Some good bargains with Jet2 package, the discounts. And if they were put back on the quarantine list, you'd get a full refund with a package.
  4. Aberdeen even get a draw against these cunts, they'll be under all sorts of pressure. Sadly, Lemon might not make Xmas if that happened!
  5. You gonna go to Tenerife now the Canaries are quarantine free? We're booked for Feb!
  6. Milan 2-0 up now, What a keeper
  7. Only shows the 4 yellows on the BBC feed. So hopefully, no reds. Good to see the team sticking up for eachother and a togetherness. Oh, and Milan just scored
  8. Really trying not to get carried away this season. But we're in a good place. Only let down is Alfredo. Should be benched now we have fit, decent replacements until he sorts himself out. If he was in the same form as this time last year, we'd be winning games by a good few goals. Although Bassey is a completely different type of player from Borna, the lad's quality. Just seen the off field 'scuffles', hope no further action or reds for us. Wow, and breath!
  9. Brilliant penalty, it needed to be. And in other good news, Tenerife's back on the no quarantine list @Rfc52
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54621189
  11. Tierney starts for Arsenal, meltdown complete
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