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  1. Can't be understated how big a win that was. Probably one of our hardest games of the season. Clean sheet, Gio's 100% record rolls on. Big Calvin man, getting better each game. Kent got pelters in the 1st half, deservedly, but was only one creating our chances 2nd. I'm fucking delighted, keeps the momentum going in the massive month.
  2. Kent had a shite 1st half, but in the 2nd was making some decent runs, taking people on, having a dig, and hence the penalty. About our only player that looked like he could score. But anyway, ET, just manage this, keep Gio's 100% going
  3. Don't think Kent should have came off, he was making them chances.
  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  5. One positive tonight is Bassey, growing into that position.
  6. Big Bassey is playing not bad, Aribo as well. It'll take a bit of magic from Joe or a mistake. Loads of possession, few real chances. Can see one goal winning this.
  7. Nervy game. We've a lot of possession while not really threatening. Hibs can look threatening with their pace.
  8. I read something like that as well, but apparently there is, and moreso if we go through and the taigs don't, as what happened.
  9. So how much was the game tonight worth, a win, guaranteed 2nd, taigs out? With us going through and them dropping, their money in the Conference will be hit as well, yea?
  10. One of these then going by the BBC, no Barca? RB Leipzig AC Milan Borussia Dortmund Sheriff Tiraspol Benfica Atalanta Sevilla Zenit
  11. Manager has just said he wants Morelos to play further forward.
  12. Brilliant to see Glen have a great, tidy professional and winning game against those cunts. Bet it means a lot to him.
  13. No, head to head, plus our GD is much better anyway, not that it needs to be.
  14. Quite a few good performances tonight, especially from players that had been off form. Bodes well, new manager, fresh team.
  15. Good to see the togetherness of the team at the final whistle.
  16. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssss Scotland's only team in the Europa!
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