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  1. Arsenal will have 2000 in for next Thursday's game against Rapid.
  2. He had to take ages to really compose himself before he answered each question. Like a broken man, why is the whole world against me
  3. Need them to beat Ross County or he's gone IMO.
  4. Lennon's BT interview, fuck me he's on the verge of a breakdown!
  5. Slack pass last Thursday apart, Arfield has been immense this season
  6. Brilliant! And know what, i'm not even surprised!
  7. Anyone any idea why he didn't bring Duffy on to sort that defence out ...
  8. You wonder how many Milan will put past them next week!
  9. Lose to Ross County and he's gone i think.
  10. How much would Julis cost us in January?
  11. Hundreds of bedsheets getting spray painted as we speak!
  12. Decent breakaway goal to be honest. But that Sparta team are fucking pish!
  13. Hit the post, fuck me, near 3 before HT
  14. Yes it's a team game, but he near singlehandedly won the World Cup for Argentina in 86, and Serie A for Napoli the next year.
  15. Aye, remember something like that, was he not caught on camera telling him to fuck off and calling him a shitebag?
  16. I'm not honestly sure at the moment. I know they did, then i can remember seeing all sorts of news stories going mad at them as there was just mad crowds, no distancing, no fuck all.
  17. Ragin i forgot about it, i'll have Alexa telt get it on the mora at 6
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