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  1. Our support collectively are a very strange bunch at times I was covering all angles with that coment.
  2. Can I add that this won't be run as an RST event. They support it, but i'm just a normal punter that wants his club back and into the right hands and have offered to help the person that is organising it due to the success of the Hampden/SFA Protest. I must admit, I find it hard to believe that any Bear wouldn't want Walter back at the club, or agree with him that the people that's came forward to buy the club from Green and Co. are the right people for us goign forward. Anyway, as a whole, how do you guys feel about coming along on Saturday? The main success of the Hampden one was having ever
  3. Website is up and running. It's in the OP www.rangerspixelpage.com
  4. The Rangers Fans Fighting Fund have launched the Rangers Pixelpage! www.rangerspixelpage.com Click here We all want to help the Rangers and what better way than to get your name or image on the Rangers pixel page. Individual supporters, supporters clubs and corporate clients from all over the world can come together on a superb show of support for the club in a difficult time. This page will become a very important part of Rangers history and an iconic image of support for the club during this difficult time. You can buy any size your funds can manage from £30 to £10,000 and let the world see
  5. To all of the Rangers Family, Rangers Fans Unite would like to thank everyone who took part in last Saturday's march from Queen's Park to Hampden Stadium, a march in protest of the Scottish Football Association's recent sanctions imposed on Rangers Football Club. As anticipated, the demonstration passed peacefully with Strathclyde Police Chief Superintendent Andy Bates remarking: "There were no arrests at today's protest and I'm delighted at the way that the supporters conducted themselves." Spanning all age groups, the Rangers support assembled on the day to show that if they feel the need to
  6. You have no idea the amount of work that everyone invloved in this has put in. It's very easy to criticise when i'm guessing you have zero expierence of doing this type of thing. If we went in all guns blazing, what would that achieve exactly? It has to remain in order. We have a Rangers Legend taking part now which will possibly increase the amount of people coming to this. Families will be there also with young children. These children in attendance are the future of our club and their safety is of paramount importance. They have every right to be there. Look, Saturday is about making a stat
  7. The work that's went on behind the scenes with this has been awesome. Last nights meeting was brilliant. So many real Rangers men coming together for the love of our club and it was a huge success. Let's hope all the work put in by everyone makes it a success on Saturday also. Finally, I just want to add that as well as Sandy Jardine taking part on Saturday, there will also be members of staff from Rangers there. Let's not forget that these people are in the worst situation imaginable. Their jobs are at risk here
  8. Rangers Fans Unite call on all Rangers fans to support a march to Hampden Park to be held Saturday 28th April. At Hampden Park, Rangers legend Sandy Jardine will address the fans. The assembly point for is the Victoria Road entrance of Queens Park. March off is 1.30pm to Hampden where a short rally will be held. The march and rally are against the unfair, draconian and unsporting punishments meted out to Rangers FC and it’s fans because of the behaviour of Craig Whyte. We urge fans of all ages to come along and make this a day of protest for the whole Rangers Family. Everyone must rally around
  9. Thanks for this guys. Spread the word. The Bears are standing together......
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