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  1. Still not a massive Windass fan but if he keeps improving I may change my mind!
  2. Realistically our squad is far better than it was for the last game versus the scum/first half of season. Plus we have potentially another few to come in with some deadwood heading out! Realistic and optomistic LOYAL!!
  3. The only reason he had a chance to play for us was the division we got put into! Also given it was Ally who rated him shows how pish he must have been!
  4. Leg weary celtic? what A lot of shite! Look at the size of their squad compared to ours! Plus our captains missing two of our main centre mids injured and miller(Not that fussed about him but he does like a goal against the filth!!) Injured aswell. Then add in our problems at centre back I think our performance(2nd half was excellent). Anyway fuck the haters and I can't wait for the reaction when we eventually get our title back!!
  5. Typical footballer chasing the £££!! I don't really care about him either way! Don' wish him any luck(good or bad) and will only become interested in him if he ever returned to us in the future!
  6. I think he has the raw talent and strength to be absolutely outstanding! His workrate and desire can't be taught! I think we will see the best of him next season(25 + goals) especially if we get in some assistance for him. As for the missing of chances, well at least he is getting in the right positions! Plus top scorer in the league in 1st season is an ok start in my book!
  7. Exactly they should have had a couple more and a red for lego muncher!!
  8. Lol I resemble those remarks! Your just sticking up for him cause he looks like a bond villain!!
  9. Atmosphere second to none!! Not what I want to hear from a Rangers manager!! Fuck celtic!!
  10. I thought he was poor as usual! Almost every one of our fouls is a booking and the bheasts get their usual leniency!!
  11. If you think we should play Niko against the filth then you are insane!
  12. I think he is one of the worst international footballers I have seen in my 40 years!!
  13. I wouldn't give him another game never mind another contract!!
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