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  1. I just said thank you for letting h me steal your patter
  2. OK Jeffrey where have you buried Bungle and George?
  3. That was class, some great videos on YouTube of that as well
  4. A big dumb stick and you can beat yourself over the head with it, slagging off players like that you are either thick or just a walking cabbage
  5. It was hardly a negative story though was it? If you read it it is actually a very good story but let's not let facts get in the way of being a victim............
  6. No problem........ Actually post not reported im just taking the piss as you English would say ??
  7. I believe you are a racist, post reported..............
  8. Only retards believe everything they read on the Internet ??
  9. Oh very clever, no I mean sometimes if English is not the natural language spelling mistakes can occur
  10. Racist how? Because English is not my natural language?,
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