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  1. Been once. Last year actually- never did any research into finding a Rangers bar as I just took it for granted that there would be 1-2 there. none. There’s a big square with a scum bar and then loads of Irish pubs. Met a few bears mind in this Scots bar watching us play a dire 0-0 vs progres.
  2. The guy could be good but let’s face it with next to no creativity then Lewandowski would struggle for us at times, I don’t want to berate the manager but maybe after we realised Livingston wanted to do nothing but defend we should’ve swapped jack or kamara for Itten or Roofe and went with 2 attackers through the middle. A point is better than none but the players let themselves down with the over playing.
  3. He only needs a partner you know. That's what makes him miss sitters- the fact he has no partner
  4. Nice bump.. laughed my bollocks off reading that!
  5. I would like him to become our number one goal scorer but aslong as he keeps up his efforts I'll be more than happy with him. Playing in a sideways game he's no good but when we mix it up abit you can see the effects he has in the final third.
  6. I would like to say I judged garner too early. Goal scoring wise he probably won't hit 50 goals for us but his enthusiasm and desire to hunt the ball cant ever be ignored. His price tag yeah is too high but that's not his fault and when you consider what English first team starters cost his fee was right for Preston but not for us. i actually love the guy-hes having the same effect as novo had, always a 110% for the jersey, but because he's becoming a link from mid to top he won't get in as many scoring positions as waghorn or Miller and cue the usual suspects because he hasn't scored 20
  7. I'm sure only Naismith Whittaker and greggs were internationals when we went down and Whittaker was often used at left back to accommodate Hutton. That argument is quite flawed but it's his opinion and I've it gathers enough pace to change the circus at sfa then I'm all for it. the spl or spfl whatever abomination that is needs to go first though. Fucking amateur bastards couldn't run a bath
  8. As bad as things got for us under him I'd laugh my balls off if he got the job and qualified for a tournament!! just because he wasn't good at Rangers doesn't mean it would be the same at any other team
  9. Sorry 0-0. Can remember it being a shite game anyway ??
  10. Another myth that the opposition isn't analysed... listen the pre Match interviews ffs!! He says they watch re runs of games from the opposition to see what the most likely route of football will be, but at the end of the day if our own squad did their jobs then we needn't worry about the others. i can remember way back in 09 Walter going 451 at the sheep simply because they beat the tims the week before and so many Rangers fans were extremely in happy at showing a shite team (cos that is exactly what they were and are) that much respect. We drew 1-1. Warburton would rather stick to h
  11. Frank mcparland came with a reputation of unearthing younger talent and then selling them on. Hes been here 2 transfer windows and the players still need time to develop, unless you expect us to sign the next messi.
  12. It's the managers fault Barton has no respect for him. I would imagine if any player over stepped the mark with any manager they'd be gone. Wether paid off or sold in the next window. The only thing the manager is guilty of is listening and trusting his friend dyche in his assessment of the cunt that is joey barton
  13. The job the fans want won't be achieved whilst the tims out spend us. So you could say we'll never see a league title under king and Murray. Warburtons remit is be competitive at the top end of the league and to try and develop players but King will spin it towards what the fans actually want to hear
  14. Aye. At some pishy club with about 20,000 fans and no expectations. He'll thrive
  15. Aren't they on about changing qualification aswell? Making it even harder to get through the qualifiers. unfortunatley for us the scum started a few years ahead with the buy low sell high and for every dembele or wanyama there's been a bangura or scepovic. We'll get there but hopefully it's sooner rather than later
  16. As rubbish as it is now like plenty have said warburton is extremely well thought of in the game. Regardless of what people say, it looks as though he's actually trying to develop players into something far different and the plan is to gain success from it aswell as cash in later down the line. Some will pay off and some won't. the biggest risk in my opinion is trying to develop too many players at once but that also stems from the boards ambitions and the money available. That's an argument for another day
  17. Fucking Andy cameron. Does he not sing that blue nose loyal and true song?. Biggest lot of shite I've ever heard that. Wouldn't intimidate a bunch of budgies!
  18. As a few have mentioned there's something missing as our reactions to a defeat have been shite ever since we won the challenge cup.. that is a hell of a long time to not show alot of fight for your manager and themselves. It's very similar to mccoist last 6 month in the championship. Footballing wise we're better but the will to go that extra yard is non existent. There looks to be a lack of motivation and at either side of the city that can't happen
  19. Fucking was. 2 Indian guys infront of me giving it big licks to the billy boys that night aswell as some old fella shouting kill the Catholics behind me!!!
  20. My first old firm game.. never got back to Leeds till about 3 am, up at 6 for work!! Was worth it though, I think we hadn't won the previous 7 games in all competitions against that shite. I'm sure that shrekky bastard Hartson scored for them around 60 mins, dado about 85 and shota scored in extra time!
  21. Looking back at his debut it was just half arsed effort and I can remember one particular comment on the radio about other players he knows getting pay rises while he joined us and took a pay cut, coupled with his admission in his book. he knew the day he arrived for training it wasn't a good fit
  22. There's no doubt in my mind the guy wanted away as soon as he arrived. Good bye and good riddance
  23. Went to Dundee Utd and got player of the year. Came back to us an absolute shite bag
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