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  1. And then in true Yankee style they will call it The World Series.
  2. Hypocrit. Didn't hear him spout that view when the "big" leagues got 4 teams automatically into the group stages when genuine champions of other leagues have to go through three or four qualifying rounds.
  3. Cracking comment on one of the Sun's articles on Kennedy complaining about Patterson being able to play against them.
  4. Two year internal investigation into CSA now more than two years overdue but they demand clarification on why the SFA take a few weeks to take action against Rangers players. Couldn't mark their necks with a blowtorch.
  5. 10 game ban incoming. How dare we question the corrupt bassa's.
  6. We really need to be squeeky clean in the future. UEFA lump sectarian chants under racism as we have found to our cost. Given all the "noise" coming from Slavia you can bet UEFA will absolutely clobber us the next time Fare report a "naughty" song.
  7. Agree with most of that but the fixtures were skewed to cover for someone like Hibs upsetting the "seeding". If the "seeding" had worked Hibs would not be in the top split but we've already played Motherwell twice away so the idea that we would be replacing an away game to Motherwell with an away game to Hibs doesn't hold. This year in the first 3 rounds of fixtures we have been away twice to Aberdeen,Livingston,Hamilton,Hibs,Motherwell and Celtic. I appreciate that this reverses each year so I would expect that "sporting Integrity " would prevail and Celtic will be away twice t
  8. As of today at the split we have already been away twice to Celtic, Hibs, Aberdeen and Livingston. On that basis post split we should have four home games and one away to St Johnstone. That keeps the Integrity of playing each team twice at home and twice away but would mean over the season we will have played 20 games at home and 18 away. It would appear playing 19 home and 19 away games gazumps the 2 at home and 2 away so we will end up away for a third time on one of the games. Like I said earlier, had it gone according to Liewells plan of the same top six as last year
  9. If you remember Liewell was desperate for the announcement of the fixture list at the beginning of the season. (Wonder why) I said on a thread back then we faced the prospect of two aways for the third time post split and the scum faced two home ties for the third time. St Johnstone fucked that up , so it's a third away against one team now. Had Motherwell made the top six rather than St Johnstone then we would have had a third away game to two from Aberdeen, Livingston, Hibs or Motherwell. This comes about to keep the "Integrity " of 18 home and 18 away games. Liewells pl
  10. This is crying out for a meme of someone at Parkhead on a computer typing " Irish Catholic " into a Google search bar.
  11. To be fair to them, they're quite good at rings.
  12. The only benefit of the away goal for us is a 0-0 puts us through and I'd hate to think we would go out with a game plan of parking the bus. A one all draw takes it to extra time but any other score gives a winner . I'm not counting on any advantage of the away goal but treating it as a 90 minute winner takes all. My biggest worry is I've been here before many times when the narrative was we can't afford to lose an early goal and we promptly go out and lose the early goal. I think we need the first goal to settle nerves.
  13. ....... and calling it the Glasgow derby on their online page.
  14. Is the bonus point a full point or is it divided by the amount of numpties that Scotland entered .
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