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  1. Not just sectarian but the word racist is being shoehorned into the narrative. There is an agenda at play here to change the mindset and when the racist claim is accepted we will be in line for all sorts of punishment.
  2. A bit pissed now , but I watched the game in a service station somewhere north of Barcelona. Locals were scratching their heads at some random eejit jumping all over the place this afternoon. WATP.
  3. Fuck sake. Free 30 minutes WiFi ran out. Managed to get back in for another 30 minutes. Hurry up UEFA.
  4. On a ferry to spain with shite Internet. Not good enough to stream so I'm relying on you guys for updates.
  5. Was about to say that'll be his journalist career up in smoke until I read the end which identified the author as an MSP. 😂
  6. Did we? Does undisclosed fee have to be greater than zero.?
  7. Nothing wrong with my maths . I was replying to a post that claimed the Ladbrokes deal was over 2 years.
  8. I think the deal on the table is £8m over 5 years so the Ladbrokes deal was worth £2.5m per year which to my mind is a bigger deal than what is on offer. McLennan or whatever his name is, is applying a load of spin to his email to the other clubs claiming the big bad Rangers are stopping the biggest deal in league history.
  9. Biggest sponsorship deal in the history of the league. £8m between 42 clubs over how many years? Fuck me, how much was the Ladbrokes or the other deals worth then.
  10. Player down with cramp on 71 minutes. They're not even fit.
  11. "Our league campaign starts on Sunday " 😂😂 Looking forward to Hearts kicking off at 8pm Saturday night and walking the ball into an empty net for a walkover win due to Ceptic not turning up.
  12. I'm sure I've heard him on more than one occasion declaring he is a bear. Looks like anyone with the genuine name of Terry Munro is doomed to ridicule for evermore, a bit like Bill Stickers.
  13. Thanks a fucking bunch mate. I thought I had managed to eradicate that name from my memory banks forever and then you go and bring it up. 😁
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